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  1. Thanks so much for your comforting words! I know I just need to chill and I'm sure everything will clear up. I just get so nervous bc my derm keeps saying my acne is hormonal but everything I keep reading says its not as effective against hormonal acne. I guess it truly depends on people's dose and length of therapy. I mean I think it's stupid to call some acne hormonal. I believe all acne has a hormonal component. Well anywho ill keep praying for both of us!! Have a great day!!
  2. Hey there. How you hanging on? I'm really struggling through these breakouts. It calms down then flares back up. I wish the breakouts would stop so that the red marks would have a chance to fade.
  3. Val4063

    Week 20 40Mg

    Reading this makes me want to cry! I'm on week 10 and hope that I start clearing soon. I had a horrible IB. I mean it was crazy, I counted 15 cystic type lesions on my face at one point. I will be praying for you to turn a major corner and start clearing soon!!!
  4. Ok I'm literally about to go insane!! As you can see I'm up at 0130 thinking about my acne. I did a really mild sal acid peel yesterday which seems to have slightly helped but my skin still looks rough. Reds spot everywhere and tiny clogged pores all over my lower cheeks. At least the forehead tiny bumps are gone. I'm laying here having a panic attack bc I've been told that my acne is hormonal due to it being lower face acne and I keep reading how accutane doesn't work as well on this type of ac
  5. Monday makes 8 weeks on acc. Still getting a couple pimples here and there. My face will seem like it wants to totally clear up then bam a big cyst so Idk I'm just along for the ride at this point. I'm so over the while thing. I want to be clearrrrrrr!! I have a lot of hyperpigmentation still so hopefully by the end of month 3 ill be completely clear. Anyways hope everyone has a great day!!
  6. Thank you times a million for posting this!!!!! I have dealt with comedonal acne for years! It is the most aggravating thing ever!! I am on week 7 of accutane and I have scoured the Internet for someone with success from this type of acne! I am so relieved that accutane helps. I think I have noticed a very slight improvement but now I have hope that by month 4 my skin will be comedone free!! Thank you so much and good luck!!!!!
  7. How's it going? I'm trying to hang in there and stay positive. I'm still breaking out a bit though. Blahhh isn't this whole thing exhausting?!? Lol
  8. Week 6: just great! I woke up with like three new big pimples. I'm so over this! It's like the texture of my skin as a whole has improved but these huge pimples keep popping up randomly! Skin looks bad with makeup and without! I need this to clear soon! I am so exhausted and I can't stand the roller coaster of this. One day good the next bad! Ughhhh whatever! What a lovely way to start my work week!
  9. Day 37: So I am def seeing a difference in the texture of my skin. It is finally smoothing out and not so bumpy. I wish I could figure out how to post a progress pic!!! Omg it's so aggravating. It won't let me post. Anyway I am still getting some big under the skin pimples which hurt!! But I really think I'm starting to turn the corner. I can only pray and hope!! Have a great day!!
  10. Today makes 5 weeks on accutane. Day 35: still having painful breakouts but I do believe that all those tiny clogged pores all over my face has gotten better. It's like the overall texture of my face is a bit smoother, I think anyways. It so hard for me to tell. I am so over having acne! I can not wait to be crystal clear. I hope it's starting to turn a corner bc I really can't handle much more of this. At this point I don't have any side effects except chapped lips which is easily controlled
  11. It will be 5 weeks on Monday and I am still breaking out! I'm trying so desperately to stay positive, but my cheeks are def worse than when I first started the accutane. My forehead and chin however have become smooth and clear for the most part. I just don't understand what is going on with my cheeks. I just keep getting cyst after cyst and these suckers hurt. It is EXTREMELY exhausting!! I can't even stand looking in the mirror. I feel so defeated every time I look at my skin. I know it is sup
  12. Hey there. I just started month two and I am breaking out as well! I've pretty much been following your pattern. I was clear the first 5 days on accutane but since then it been a pretty steady breakout. I hope this clears up for both of us pretty soon bc I can not take it anymore! I'm so ready to be clear and I know you are too!! I'm going to say a prayer for you that you begin to clear rapidly!! I know how frustrating and depressing acne can be! Just keep imagining clear beautiful skin. Stay po
  13. Today has been exactly 4 weeks since starting the med. my skin is dry, lips are dry and the tiny bumps on my forehead appear to be getting better. Besides that, I am still breaking out on my cheeks which seem to clear somewhat quickly but is just followed by another big pimple. Ughhh I hope this stops soon. Im just so ready to be clear! I'm going to stay positive and believe this will work! Anyways yay for one whole month on the med! Have a great day everyone!!
  14. Day 26: Idk what to even post today. Last night I just sat in the tub and cried. Pathetic huh? I had to go to a birthday dinner for my best friend and I just knew getting ready would not be fun. I have a big cyst that popped up yesterday and my face just looks a mess from all those tiny clogged pores. I just kept thinking how long it would take to try to cover it all up and how exhausting the whole thing is. But then when I'm thinking like that I start to feel guilty bc I know I am really blesse
  15. Day 24. So I don't want to jinx myself but I think it's finally starting to clear up. I just have two pimples left that are going away. Even all of those tiny bumps are "appearing" to get better! I'm praying they are because I'm so ready for clear skin!! My skin on my face is starting to peel and the back of my hands still have a weird rash. My lips really chapped of course. The only strange new thing is my left wrist started hurting the other day and I can't really rotate it all the way around.