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  1. Thanks, I dont think Im going back to any products at all until this acne clears up or gets better haha Dont want to make any more risks for god sake, 2 allergic reactions back to back, haha The first one was to Aloe Vera Gel ( I dont use it anymore )
  2. Just going to update every 3 days with a pic of my face Will do this until I am clear October 9, 2013
  3. hopefully, it would go away by 2 weeks!!! i just dont like how its gettin worse and ilve decided that i will give it 2 weeks without putting any products on my face to get better so would this breakout be considered a allergic reaction, regular breakout or hopefully a purge? haha and.... it would be funny if i recreate the "good" allergic reaction, it was to aloe vera gel, haha joking......
  4. I havent touched milk for literally a year now I dont think adding milk to my diet is going to break me out good luck to you
  5. hmm, heres what i think i have done differently... ranked from most suspicious to least 0. I had just suffered from an allergic reaction 2-3 weeks ago, It first made my face extremely red and hard The the skin started to become dry and then it began to crack and peel off. Over the course of that allergic reaction, my skin was super clear! The " before" picture on the topic post was taken right after the skin peeled off. Now it is a week and a half since the skin was peeled off and my face l
  6. Confess to this girl i have a crush on IDC what the answer is It would make me feel alot more confident!
  7. It is not painful when i make my normal face the side gets painful when i try to smile so no My skin is extremely dry and a little oily
  8. I never get scars though, what im most scared about is the PIH thats goings to be left behind i cant even imagine it but thanks I just want to know what might be causing this horrible breakout?????? Its getting worse and worse right now
  9. Just 2 days ago, my acne was mild-moderate and nows it moderate-severe This is taken from my webcam so its alot less red and isnt so noticable what kind of acne does it look like? My face is pink around the pimples, so it looks like my face has dotted with pink spots The right side has BIGGER pimples and left side has little pimples with speck of pus remember this only happened in 2-3 days :'(((( LEFT SIDE OF FACE - BEFORE - AFTER- for some
  10. yep doxycycline did absolutely nothing controlling my acne
  11. @gables, interesting because for the past few weeks I have been avoiding sunlight i went to the derm yesterday and looked at my face and said it was 'alot better" Looks fricken worse to me but..... He says that all I need to do now is just "cleanse" and i should stop my antibiotics and all the topic steroids etc (havent gotten the cleanser yet) right now, My skin is now at the worse I have ever seen it it looks like ( no pic because Iunno how to upload from phone) the whole fa
  12. It all started 2 years ago. I had my first pimple at the end of 6th grade. It was no big deal to me, for god sake i even played with it and was showing it off (really... I want to kill that me) I was really REALLY confident during my early middle school life, and for ME of all people to have acne would be devastating and now fast forward to the present I am in the 8th grade right now. My grades are average and I really think if the 5 hours I spend looking in the mirror and checking