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  1. I've been using the regimen for about 2.5 months by now. I've barely seen any improvements on my acne. The only thing that seems to be effective is the bp, it will fade the pimples out. But then the number of pimples that went away, will just be replaced with more somewhere else on my face.....:/ It's like a never ending cycle. I would say I have mildly severe acne. Should I stop? Use more bp? Use AHA? help me out, my last post didn't get one answer.
  2. I've been searching these forums but I couldn't find any answers... So I've had acne since about the age of 14, for the first couple years it was just a new pimple everyone week or something. Which was very light acne. Once I got into my senior year of highscholl is when it started to get a little out of control. I was getting pimples in places like on either side of my jaw bone and my neck. I am now 18 and a college freshman. The acne hasn't let up. Man it really stinks having this persist