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  1. DinCakes

    4 Months On Regiment

    Thanks! I will try it!!!...
  2. DinCakes

    4 Months On Regiment

    Hello guys!!!...well what can I say amazing product that saved my face...only problem I have with it is that well...my face is still tight, flaky and very dry!.... I've been on the AHA+ for 1 week 1/2 now I see a diff with my scars but still dry skin!!!!...since I'm still flaky and dry I don't put any makeup...I do use the Jajoba oil and moisturizer in the morning it feels ok but still tight /; do you guys have anything suggestions?...I'm going crazy >.< I wanna be able to put make up on a
  3. DinCakes

    4 Months On The Regimen

    Hello there! (: I'm new to this community thing but I've been on the regiment for 4 months now I just started to use the AHA+ been on it for 1 week 1/2 and I'm seeing an improvement with my skin..my only problem is that I'm still dry, flaky, and tight!..are you still like that as well?