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  1. Let me start off by saying that my last year has been a piece of shit. Before I started using Accutane, I was the most confident and happy person there ever was. Sure i had acne, bad acne, but i was still positive. So I decided to use Accutane to get rid of it. I started taking Accutane back in November. Ever since January I have been depressed, even though my skin is clear as ever. Nothing major in my life triggered it i am sure. Its a strange feeling to describe. I suddenly started feeling co
  2. I cant agree more. That quote has helped me regain my confidence so many times.
  3. be careful mate. If you want this relationship to work, mark my words: "Dont think this relationship makes you complete!" You got to be careful, and make sure you dont spend TOO much time with her and open up to her straight away. This is a classic mistake that most guys make. By all means, enjoy the relationship, but dont jump right in and lose yourself in the process.
  4. I think this will be my last post on this board, and the last time I come here. My acne is gone thanks to accutane and my red marks have completely faded. I would like to thank everybody here for there contibution on this board, you have been very helpful. I used to get down about my acne. I felt extremely depressed about it everyday, and it pretty much destroyed my confidence. However, what helped me get out of this situation was this. I lost faith in myself, and constantly tried to seek the
  5. Nope, I have a girlfriend. I had my worst acne ever when I met her. Now that i'm clear, things are a little less rosey. Go figure.
  6. How do red marks disappear? Do they fade out or do they gradually get smaller? Or both? Im just interested cause i want to know how and whether my red marks are making any progress.
  7. Hey, do you think just using a gentle cleanser and the egg mask would help fade my red marks? Im on tane and have been clear for a month but the redmarks have showed no signs of fading.....
  8. Same here. Never got redmarks before tane, so i'm guessing they will go away after your done. That's probably the best option.
  9. Salicylic Acid is a tricky bastard. it worked well on my face for 2 weeks, and then I got my worst breakout ever. I tried it again just recently, same thing happened. Beware!
  10. Yup, hoping to get rid of acne and red marks for my graduation. Then I can enjoy the summer with my girlfriend!