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  1. Oh I know...between taking care of my little girl who is 4 mos and my husband who is deploying to iraq it seems i can never fit in time for myself...i'm workin on it though...my schedule is always out of whack but i manage it in somehow
  2. I'm not sure if they will go away or not ... I too also have this problem Trust me I know how hard it is to not pick at your face...just dont do it !
  3. I'm not using any of that stuff on my face I'm only using a gentle cleaner 2.5% bp and my moisturizer...which is an off brand off the cetaphil...which many people use...but i was reading the back of the lable and saw it contails oil...not good...i'm switching moisturizers. also i'm not using any makeup so no my routine doesnt suck Its just me getting used to the routine that sucks, lol
  4. I just applied my bp...does anyone know if it will help red marks from previous acne at all? I have been trying to not use makeup lately...especially because i used neutrogena clean and clear makeup and it contains sal. acid I know i'm not supposed to mix it... does anyone know of any good makeup for your skin that has good coverage and will be ok for your skin?
  5. i'm still lost...lol so the parts that have pealed off of your face are lighter? or darker? what products are you using... avoid mixing PABA-containing sunscreens and benzoyl peroxide. Temporary skin discoloration may occur if they are used together. does your moisturizer possibly have a sunscreen?
  6. so your skin looks darker in the area you apply bp?
  7. i just washed....my face is so dry right around my eye area...like my cheekbones and right above my eyebrows...also i was reading the back of my off brand cetaphil lotion and it said something like macadamia nut OIL I got it at walmart....should I take it back...I'm pretty sure if you arent satisfied they will give you your money back...does anyone know the store policies better?
  8. I know many people experience pealing....I know when I've pealed from a sunburn my skin sometimes is lighter after the skin has shed The pealing dryness and redness should go away after your skin is used to the product...maybe try a little less and moisturize well if it doesnt help I would stop using the product oh wait you mean your skin is bleached looking where you didnt apply bp?
  9. I slept during the day yesterday and now my schedule is getting messed up : / havent washed yet and I feel a zit coming in in the crease of my nose ... it hurts I suck at this schedule thing
  10. I just bought blistex complete moisture and it is awesome! not sticky at all just smooth
  11. wow you look great! as for the body acne I would try a product like neutrogenas body clear body wash and also body clear body lotion...maybe wear shirts that do not rub you much and are cotton good luck emily
  12. hmmm that is a good idea...I'll have to try that.... I was just complaining today about my chapped lips
  13. sounds like me! I used to do EVERYTHING and more to my face before I stumbled across dans regimen, Have you tried cleansing with the gentle cleanser for like 10 secs lightly 2 X's daily followed by the amount of bp (you start with less) Dan shows and moisturize twice also after the bp I have been doing this for like maybe 4 days and I accually even got a compliment from my husband possibly working for me? I hope but hey worth a try huh? Hopefully i will clear up like the rest of the "lucky
  14. I started Dans regimen on the 12th....I'm starting to clear up already...my husband has already said something YES! I am so happy.... my problem is actually forcing myself to take the time to do my face right :/ I suck at routine schedules....I just pulled myself up out of bed (accideltly fell asleep, didnt get to wash) so i'm showing some good progress towards me clearing....lets hope...I need some good support/motivation ! hehehe BTW i'm still getting used to the bp ... using neutrogena..
  15. oh yeah i forgot to ask....i'm using the neutrogena bp....i saw the amount to start with but i have a few problem areas....am i supposed to use that much on each area or spread that small amount on all of the areas?