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  1. Yes I agree with what longshot said. If you don't like the one your doc prescribed, ask for a different brand. I'm on the generic ortho-tricyclen and I don't have any weight fluctuations.
  2. Yeah, I'm hesitant to start introducing "non-CSR" products but it seems to be catching on. Here's the thread that Dan started about his experience with it: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=119286
  3. Alot of people have been raving about jojoba oil, including Proximity and Dan himself. Just a few drops seems to go a long way. Have you tried that?
  4. Please refer to the advice on the CSR pages that it can take up to 3 months to see lasting results and also that it is common for most people to experience breakouts during these first three months. My last breakout was on Day 50 which was the beginning of week 8. You really have to have patience and be diligent. For me, the first 2 months -- and even 3 months if that's what it ends up being -- of discomfort are worth the rewards of clear skin. Your experience is very common. I hope you sti
  5. Yeah, even Dan has raved about jojoba oil. I haven't tried it personally but there's a LOT of folks on here who love it.
  6. This same thing happened to me and it continued for about the first month (at least) on CSR. After that it dissipated to more of a tingling, and now it's pretty much gone (I'm 2 months in). I don't know why this happens, but it will get better. Just be prepared to tough it out and stick with it!
  7. Hi mee-mee, congrats on your success! I am finishing out week 8 and have just started to see real results. My last zit(s) was 5 days ago, this is by far my longest streak without a breakout. Don't be surprised if you have a breakout (or two, or three....) in the weeks to come. When I started CSR I committed to 3 full months before making judgement. I am hoping that I can mark this past week as the beginning of PERMANENT clear skin!
  8. My skin burned after applying moisturizer for about the first month, then for the next few weeks it lessened to more of a tingling. Now it's pretty much gone. Some people have zero irritation after the first month, but I'm 2 months in and still struggling a little bit. Sloooooowly inching my way up to full dose of bp. So anyway, yes, it's normal and should subside. Just make sure you don't jump in too quick or you'll REALLY find your skin to be pissed off! BTW I found Dan's cleanser, altho
  9. I get a noticeable white "crusty" line all along my jawline, as I need the medication there but don't want to rub it into the sensitive skin under my chin and my neck. I just use extra moisturizer there, and that takes care of it.
  10. Just be careful not to get it on your eyelids. They'll puff up and make you look like you've been crying all day.
  11. I'd call it moderate and I think the CSR might work for you -- never know unless you try!
  12. I do the same thing as summersend. Some people use a dry terry-cloth towel but I find having it damp makes the towel less "scratchy."
  13. You 2 have that same adorable avatar! Awwwww....
  14. He hates cats and besides that he's very allergic. He's on shots and everything, which doesn't help all that much. But the cat came with the wife, so he conceded and they pretty much just tolerate each other. I hope you heal up quickly!
  15. Is there some other kind of over-the-counter antiseptic you might try? Sorry, I'm not familiar with how meds are sold over there, so forgive my naivete if this sounds like a dumb question. I was thinking about you last night when I was doing my nightly face-right-up-in-the-friggin-mirror inspection of my face, because I was telling myself "DON'T PICK!!!" and also BTW your avatar is so cute. I have a kitty (which my husband absolutely despises) and she's got the cutest little face like your a
  16. I'm on my 2nd day with no new zits, but I've been down this road before so I'm not ready to do a happy dance just yet. I'm soldiering on and I'm not gonna give up but it's so darn discouraging to be this far in and still dealing with flakes and irritation (and zits!!). The tingling is almost non-existent anymore and every day it's a little better. Patience has never been one of my stong suits....
  17. Sounds like a good idea, how much do they cost? Where did you see them advertised?
  18. OMG 4-5 months??? Did you have sensitivity to products (like me) or just really stubborn acne?
  19. No, Dan's gel is not like Proactiv. The proactiv is a lotion and Dan's product is just like it says -- it's a gel. It's firmer. But it goes on soooooo smooth, and it has kind of a cool (cool as in temperature, not as in "awesome") feel as it goes on and it blends in without leaving a residue behind like I've heard about OTS. I was a victim of the common Proactiv curse:it worked great for a while and then did nothing but make my skin irritated and the acne came back.
  20. Wow, I feel kind of honored that I've personally heard from Dan. Thanks! Yep, I wrote in the original post that I went back and re-read the instructions and re-watched the videos. Every time I try to ramp up to a full finger, my skin gets horribly irritated -- redness, dryness, and burning. I currently go up to just over the last knuckle, or just over 3/4 of a finger. I was on the regimen at the beginning of this year and right at about this point I introduced AHA on suggestion to reduce fl
  21. It's a wonder your skin isn't freaking out. You're using like 4 fingers of bp twice a day?!?! Yowza! Good thing you're back on track now! I use 1/3 finger for each cheek and split the last third between my nose, chin, and forehead. No wonder it took you 35 minutes!
  22. Why did you quit the regimen? Acne cannot be cured, it can only be treated and will naturally come back if treatment is stopped (unless you outgrow it). This is why, no matter how frustrated I get with my progress, I'm not gonna quit because as horrible as I think my skin looks now, I keep telling myself that 3 or 4 new pimples a week is better that 3 or 4 new pimples a DAY and I haven't given it the full 3 months yet.
  23. On my skin I only use concealer on the active zits. I don't use foundation or powder. Lots of women are on the CSR and can wear makeup but I'm not gonna try it.