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  1. If you are just red and itchy, it's irritation. If you have blisters and hives, you are allergic. The worst my skin ever looked was just like a really bad sunburn and that lasted a couple weeks. It's hard to know if you just did too much too fast or if you really are allergic. I would stop immediately and give my face a decent amount of time to recover, like maybe a month, and then start over, more slowly. My first time on CSR I introduced AHA too soon and my skin literally burned off in li
  2. I would definitely scale back the bp amount and start all over after giving your skin a break for a couple days. My skin burned and itched for almost a whole month at first. I wanted to claw the skin right off my face sometimes, it was all I could think about for the first couple weeks. It will be this way, but just at first! Good luck!
  3. I was breaking out consistently until week 8. I'm at the end of week 9 and had a couple zits last week but it's been about 5 days since I had a zit, so as long as it continues to get better, I'm pleased.
  4. I just bought some on Friday at drugstore.com. It's not too expensive but like everything else, they get you with the shipping. (Although if you spend $49 the shipping is free)
  5. Your first product is a toner, not a moisturizer, and toners are not part of the CSR as they can be drying on the skin and cause irritation. I don't know anything about the Dove moisturizer but as far as fighting dryness and flakiness, I like the Cetaphil the best although the negatives about Cetaphil are that it leaves skin shiny and it's very thick. My goal is eliminating flakes so I've stuck with the Cetaphil although I'm going to go back to a diff moisturizer that I liked better for oil co
  6. I've used both and I much prefer Dan's gel.
  7. Just to clarify, I'm assuming you did bp after washing and THEN did the jojoba/moisturizer mix? And in response to MessyNessie, I like your suggestion because my skin is always driest after I cleanse/before I apply bp. It's so hard not knowing which way is the right way! I appreciate everyone's comments, I hope this topic picks up more steam!
  8. Hooray for Dan! My skin was irritated by his cleanser so I had to switch back to Purpose but I love his bp gel.
  9. When I was reading through some stuff the other day, and I'm sorry - I can't remember if it was in a post or in the CSR introduction/instructions, I read that when bp comes into contact with the skin it converts into benzoic acid. What the difference is between benzoyl peroxide and benzoic acid I'm not sure since I'm no chemist, but this leads me to believe that the reason that bp is not as harmful as some would like us to believe lies somewhere in this chemical alteration.
  10. I'm on week 9 and per my sig I had one zit earlier this week and another small one trying to come up this morning, but up until last Tuesday I had at least 2 or 3 active zits all the time. Then all of a sudden last week my face cleared up and stayed clear for 8 days. So even though I'm experiencing a little breakout right now, I'd say the end of month 2 was when I finally started to see some noticeable improvement.
  11. I don't know what you're referring to.
  12. Is there a reason why you don't want to use Dan's? It's very economical and in gel form so it goes on smooth. I've never used anything but Dan's gel and have heard several complaints about the OTS.
  13. I agree with JBHK and aolforbroadband. If anyone is naive enough to believe that there is ANY product out there with absolutely zero side effects, they have no business breathing my air. Also summersend made a good point about the testing of 100% bp when the bp products out there come in much more diluted versions. No one is putting 100% bp solutions on their faces that I know of. And also it's my understanding that GA products are not what you want to be putting on your face if you have ser
  14. I would be afraid to put bp right on the bridge of my nose. I've never had a pimple there come to think of it. If it were me I'd suffer through that one as I'd be afraid to put bp right there. Maybe try a little concealer?
  15. I've seen many different variations on where in the regimen jojoba oil should be applied. For those of you who have used/do use jojoba oil, how do you incorporate it into your regimen and are you happy with the results? I see that Dan has found success mixing it in with his moisturizer, and I know Proximity uses it before bp. Other folks? Also, I am using Cetaphil b/c it's been the best at eliminating flakes. But with the epiphany of jojoba I'm thinking about going back to Neutrogena Oil-Fr
  16. There is always at least one alarmist out there for any given topic, and although I found this link to be interesting, I find it extremely difficult to give any credence to an article that is peppered with grammatical errors and therefore looks like it was composed by a fourth-grader. Every day we hear the media blabbering on about coffee being bad for you, then the next day it's shown to be a great cancer fighter. Same thing with a million other different foods/drinks/medications. There's pr
  17. If you had a cleanser that was working well for you, you might want to go back to that. I don't know what the ingredients are in that cleanser though. I'm sure you know to use something that's gentle and free of irritants. I'm on week 9 and just had a new zit pop up yesterday. I was breaking our pretty regularly up until one week ago. It's hard to keep going but even though I have this zit on my cheek I'm so pleased since 2 months ago I would wake up with 2 or 3 (and sometimes more) new zit
  18. It's possible that it's the cleanser or the moisturizer causing this problem. Do you use an AHA? I found this to be very irritating to my skin, but it's baffling b/c you've been on the regimen for 2 years. Have you always used the same cleanser and the same moisturizer? Also maybe you need to let the irritated skin heal on its own rather than to pick it off. I know it's hard not to pick but maybe this will work?? Let us know if you find a solution that works! Hopefully Brandy or another k
  19. 1)I think it's a combination of both. Breakouts are common at the start of CSR and picking can induce breakouts or just make them worse. 2)Picking is a no-no. It will just make your zits more noticeable and will cause you to have red marks even after the zit is gone and red marks take a long time to heal. 3)The longer you're on CSR the quicker breakouts seem to heal (for me anyway). You'll start to notice that the regimen keeps acne from surfacing or if a zit does come to the surface its life
  20. I did this too on accident. It will subside after a day or two. Also, be careful when sleeping as the bp can transfer to your pillowcase and then if you smush your face into the pillow you could possibly get some bp around your eyes that way. As for putting a product on the reduce the swelling right away, someone else will have to field that question although I'd be hesitant to put something ELSE around my eyes at this point as you may cause even further irritation.
  21. My assumption is that it is intended to be kept at room temperature. By putting it in the fridge you may be chemically altering the medication, although I don't know if it would be a positive or a negative result...
  22. Cetaphil, dude. All the way. It's kind of heavy and does tend to leave a sheen, but it kills the flakes and I will take a little shine over flakes any day.
  23. I had that too but it just gradually subsided. It looked like I had a really bad sunburn right around my mouth for like a month. Putting on the bp did not burn at all, but when I added the moisturizer it stung at first and then continued to tingle all day long. I felt like I had fire ants crawling on my face all the time. This too subsided after a while. I'm now 2 months in and finally the irritation is almost totally gone. It's normal at the beginning of the reg.
  24. Exfoliating is getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. There are many ways to do it, although exfoliation is not part of the CSR but lots of people do it. You can use a mask, lotions, toothbrush, towel -- there are many variations.