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  1. I used Dan's cleanser for about 2 weeks but my skin always felt irritated and tight, and my eyelids especially became dry and they burned so I had to quit. I have had much better results with the Purpose liquid cleanser.
  2. Brandy, would you say that this moisturizer works AS WELL as Cetaphil, only without the shiny factor? The shiny-ness is the only thing I dislike about Cetaphil; I love it's moisturizing capabilities and the way it keeps flakes away. Also how does it compare cost-wise? Thanks!
  3. I kept forgetting to ask him, finally remembered -- he buys that stuff ("Bag Balm") at Tractor Supply Co. which you probably have near you since you live in WI. Any farm supply store should have it.
  4. It is absolutely normal and may in fact get worse before it gets better, so don't despair! My skin itched like mad for almost a whole month before it gradually started lessening. You definitely want to use moisturizer, my pick for most hydrating/least irritating is Cetaphil. You may want to refer to the "What to Expect" page for a better understanding of what you're going to experience at the beginning of the regimen: www.acne.org/whattoexpect.html Keep in mind that not everyone fits into t
  5. I have never used a bp other than Dan's gel and I wouldn't want to! It goes on so smooth and one tube lasts a long time. I'm sorry, I don't see the cleanser you say you're going to switch to. I use Purpose liquid and I love it. I used Dan's cleanser for about 2 weeks but had to go back to Purpose b/c Dan's burned my the skin around my eyes. Some people love it though. Good luck!
  6. Hi Princess, I read your experience and when I was severely dry/flaky (which still happens from time to time) I wet a washcloth and wring out as much water as possible and take this damp towel and wipe away the flakes. I know you are not supposed to do anything harsh, but I wipe as hard as I can to get the flakes and it works like a charm. Doing this has never caused me to break out. Plus it feels so refreshing to get all those flakes GONE!
  7. As long as your skin is completely dry before beginning CSR then you should be ok. Dan says wait 5-15 minutes but for me it's usually just more like 5. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells/flakes. Let us know if you have any more questions!
  8. Anyone else experiencing this strange phenomenon? I have tried a few different methods of applying the jojoba (before bp and with moisturizer) and either way, I am getting these little clumps of bp all over my face. Some of them are big enough to pick off my skin but some of them are so tiny it looks like I have drywall dust all over my face. I have been on the regimen over 2 months and have never had this problem. I am rubbing in the bp till it is fully absorbed so the only thing I can attr
  9. Ummmm, I use city water and it comes out of a tap so I don't know how to answer this question....
  10. I didn't start to see results until week 9, and when it happened, it was all of a sudden. I was on this forum in week 8 and I was more discouraged than ever with the way my face looked, and by the next week I was clear. I have not had a zit in 2 weeks (other than the spot I picked at and caused a zit). I hope you will hang in there. When I started CSR I promised myself I would give it 3 full months before I made any kind of judgement.
  11. So this morning I did the opposite and mixed the jojoba with the moisturizer. I like doing it this way because it doesn't really add any time to the regimen. Using the jojoba before bp added like 10 minutes to a regimen that already feels like it takes forever. But I feel like the jojoba/moisturizer did not get absorbed very well. To look at me face to face it doesn't look shiny but when I touch my skin it feels soooooo oily. I think I will try to use only 1 or 2 drops next time as opposed
  12. To me it sounds like an allergic reaction if you're oozing. Either that or you started with way too much bp. For the first 3 or 4 weeks my skin itched like crazy and to keep from scratching I would use the tips of my fingernails and gently push in my skin where it itched to most. That way you get the relief of feeling like you scratched without overly irritating your skin. Seriously though, how much bp are you using? If you've stuck with 1/4 or 1/2 finger per the instructions then I'd say y
  13. Yep. I highly recommend the Cetaphil moisurizer, I find it to be the most hydrating.
  14. Piznti, I agree with you and in fact I posted the same thing on the other jojoba topic out there I started last week. I did my first application of jojoba last night after cleanser/before bp. It seemed to take forEVER for the bp to absorb. This morning instead, I mixed the jojoba with my moisturizer. Looking in the mirror my face doesn't appear to be shiny, but I feel like my skin just got smeared with Crisco. When I touch it with my fingers I can feel the oil and I don't like that at all.
  15. My jojoba oil arrived today and I used it in my evening regimen, and I opted to apply it after cleanser/before bp. Yays: I don't know if this stuff is meant to be used as an exfoliator, but it INSTANTLY lifted all of the flakes off of my skin as I was gently rubbing it in. It made my face nice and soft. It is very lightweight with no fragrance. Nays: CSR takes long enough as it is without adding another step. It seemed to take longer to get the bp rubbed in after applying the jojoba. My
  16. I'm like a kid in a friggin candy store.... I went home for lunch and had a drugstore.com box waiting for me when I got there! When I get home tonight I can't wait to try out my jojoba oil! I'm so excited, can't wait to report back how it went! Now I just need to decide if I'm going to use it after cleansing or with my moisturizer.... all these responses and I still can't make up my mind! Please oh please let this stuff not irritate my sensitive skin!
  17. Dan's cleanser did the same thing to me, it dried out my eyelids really bad, and I had to quit using it. You've used half of a bottle already though with no problem, so that's kind of a mystery. I switched back to Purpose cleanser and have had no problems ever since. Is it possible you're picking up bp on your eyes from your pillow while you're sleeping?
  18. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it? Hope your new regimen does well for you!
  19. Brandy used to use the Equate (Wal-Mart brand) version of Cetaphil and she said they work exactly the same.
  20. I will have to ask him. He's not home but when I see him I'll ask him and letcha know. The only store he ever goes to is Walmart but I don't know if that's where he buys it.
  21. My hubby is a carpenter and his hands are really dry/rough/callused. He uses this stuff called bag balm -- it comes in a little square can and farmers use it to soften the udders of milk cows as they can become really irritated and crusty (makes sense if you stop to think about it) -- and once you're done laughing your ass off, please continue reading... Anyway, he puts this stuff all over his hands like lotion at night and then sleeps with a pair of gloves over it and in the morning his hands
  22. I have had the same lash curler since college (about 10 years), it's just the plain ol' Maybelline metal curler and it has rubber pads that you replace every so often. The curler cost like $6 and the replacement pads come in packages of 2 and they're like 2 bucks. I can't imagine spending 20-something dollars on an eyelash curler but if you love it then that's cool! I wouldn't wear mascara without curling. My lashes are so fine and straight that mascara would be pointless without curling the
  23. Are the folks who are using jojoba using it just once a day, or twice? I would be tempted to use it for both daily applications but don't want to over-do it.
  24. Back in January my skin was really bad (I would sit on my bed and just CRY) and at the time I was on depo-provera birth control shot. Knowing that some b/c pills can control acne, I talked to my obgyn and she said I could stay on the shot and try Accutane or switch to the pill and see if that helped my acne. I don't think my acne is severe enough to warrant accutane and so when I was searching online for info on Ortho-tricyclin, it linked me to other birth control and acne sites, and Acne.org