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  1. I think you should give CSR a try. I personally think you fit in the "mild to moderate" category which is who the CSR is designed for. Just make sure you follow the instructions as closely as you can. Good luck!
  2. Yep, either way you do it, your acne will come back. You might as well just quit cold turkey since there's no benefit to weaning off bp.
  3. I did not have this experience at all. My face was no less oily when using jojoba than without. In fact I find the jojoba to be more greasy feeling than the Cetaphil moisturizer, which I thought was bad. I found that when I used jojoba I was constantly touching my face all day long (in my head thinking, could it STILL be oily?) and yep, I'd look at my fingertips and see the sheen. I loved the way it took care of flakes but I just can't take the oily feel. By the end of the work day it makes
  4. Awwwww! Sorry to hear you are quitting but it certainly does not work for everyone. I wish you success with your next plan of attack!
  5. Yes the redness will go away eventually but be prepared to have it stick around for a while -- I was noticeably red for about 2 months before my skin finally adjusted and calmed down. You can stop the bp any time you like, if having your acne come back is what you're after. Until and unless you grow out of it naturally, it will come back. You cannot cure it, you can only treat it. Once you've seen results with bp, try getting off of it and watch how fast you get a zit!
  6. jml519

    3rd day

    Yes, breakouts are common for the first several weeks (I wasn't clear until week 9) but to help you along I would suggest that you buy a cleanser and a moisturizer that are on the recommended products page (I really like the ones in my sig). Also I think you are using too much bp at this point. The first week you should only be using 1/4 finger. You may find that your skin gets super red and itchy in the next couple days and using too much bp will only exacerbate the irritation.
  7. I have very oily skin and I love Purpose liquid cleanser. But like Brandy said, many people use the Cetaphil and they like it. Good luck on the CSR! Be prepared for your skin to take a nosedive the first few weeks (redness, itchiness, and your breakouts may even get worse than they are now) but stick with it. I did not see any real improvement until week 9 and then it was all of a sudden no more zits, period.
  8. Picking is bad. I will have the most un-noticeable-to-the-average-person spot and then pick it and the next day it's an inflamed, full-fleged zit complete with a pussy head. It is so hard to stop yourself but you're better off to keep your hands off! Easier said than done, though, huh? I tried jojoba oil about a week and a half ago and I broke out BIG TIME. However, like a total dummy, I also tried a new moisturizer at the same time so I can't say for sure if it was the jojoba or the moist
  9. Awww, sorry the CSR didn't work for you but I'm happy for you that you have found a system that is working! It is not necessary to "wean" yourself off of the CSR. When you quit you will notice your skin going back to its normal state in a couple days. When I quit back in March, I noticed the blackheads were back within 2 days. Good luck!
  10. Brandy please do update this post as I will be following it to see how you like this moisturizer. I am not thrilled with the oily feel of pure jojoba oil but I really like the way it tackles flakes. It would be great to have a moisturizer with jojoba oil already in it. Thanks!
  11. Yes I would suggest that if you have light to moderate acne, you give the CSR a try. It takes patience and diligence but with the right products and the right attitude it really does work!
  12. My face was somewhat red for the first 4-6 weeks. Some people see faster results than others, but the worst of the redness should subside within the first couple weeks.
  13. To me it just looks like good ol' fashioned acne. Have you considered giving the CSR a try? I think by the appearance of your acne that you're the perfect candidate for CSR!
  14. What moisturizer do you use? Most people (including me) concur that Cetaphil, although wonderful in its moisturizing/flake-zapping capabilities, is notorious for leaving your face shiny looking. Some people use blotting sheets, but I find a kleenex or a paper towel work just as well.
  15. It sounds to me like maybe you're using too much bp too soon?? It took me 2 months to get up to the full dose. I had to ramp it up more slowly than most people because every time I'd try to increase, I'd get really red and flaky. If I were you I'd decrease the amount of bp and increase the amount of moisturizer. Someone's already mentioned it, but Cetaphil is the most hydrating imo although it does have a tendence to leave your facy kind of oily looking as the day goes on.
  16. My face looked awful until week 9. My acne seemed worse than before I started CSR and then at week 9 all of a sudden the breakouts just stopped, almost literally overnight. Try to hang in there, you'll be glad you did!
  17. I was still breaking out until week 9, and switching products can also cause a breakout. I strayed to a different moisturizer for a few days and broke out terribly. Consistency, I think, is the solution, and stay with it for a few more weeks without varying your regimen.
  18. Dan recommends using slightly less moisturizer than bp, however I just use as much as it takes. I think in the long run I probably use more moisturizer than bp, as some areas of my face I have to use alot to make the flakes go away.
  19. I get those occasionally too and I pick them. They look to me like "hardened" sebum but I don't know for sure.
  20. I have never used any bp product other than Dan's gel, reason being I LOVE DAN'S GEL!! It is light, goes on smooth, absorbs well, no fragrance, cost-effective..... I have nothing bad to say about it. I hope you try it!
  21. I tell everyone about this site! It has helped me more than I could ever express! Everyone I know knows I struggle with acne and feel terribly self-conscious about it, and they are all cheering me on with my experience and happy to see my results!
  22. Yes, when I used jojoba for a couple days last week, I found that it immediately lifted the flakes off of my skin. I was amazed!
  23. Thank you Siouxcat & Brandy. I think I will check it out.