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  1. I have tried that too but haven't noticed that it makes much of a difference.
  2. I picked up on 2 things that are out of order for the CSR. 1) In the morning, the process should be cleanser, jojoba, bp, THEN moisturizer. 2) You are not using moisturizer at night. Make these 2 corrections and see how your skin does. Good luck!
  3. I got mine at drugstore.com, they sell Desert Essence jojoba oil and it's pretty reasonably priced.
  4. I don't know anything about this moisturizer but I know there is one member out there who swears by Aveeno Ultra Calming lotion. I have it on my list of moisturizers to "maybe" try sometime. I don't know how the ingredients compare but maybe you can check it out.
  5. Hi stevent, you sound like you're going through a similar experience as me. I had a horrible time getting through the first 2 months on the regimen. Bad reactions and had to ramp up the bp MUCH slower than Dan's guidelines, lots of redness, itchiness, burning, and flaking (don't have any more symptoms except flaking). I started out with the Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for sensitive skin but found that it was not hydrating enough. I switched to Cetahil after about 2 weeks and although I didn
  6. Hey guys, any input? I'm on my second go-round trying to incorporate jojoba into my regimen and I'm not pleased. For three nights now I have applied 2-3 drops of jojoba after cleansing/before bp. My skin is now very red and irritated and burning. I am attributing this to the fact that the bp is going deeper into my skin but is this normal? How long before this reaction goes away? I feel like I'm starting CSR all over again with these reactions.
  7. There is an argument out there in favor of solely using essential oils (like jojoba) in the treatment of acne. I am happy with the bp so far so have not tried any other means as of yet. I got my jojoba from drugstore.com. Desert Essential sells their jojoba there for pretty cheap and the shipment came very quickly. You may also find it at stores like GNC (not sure where you live).
  8. ^ Very true, kei fujo. Good point. I'm not fond of putting this chemical on my face twice a day either but it works.
  9. I had this same problem and it lasted for the first 2 months or so and gradually stopped. I had this reaction with every moisturizer I tried, even the Cetaphil. You should find that after some time the irritation will go away.
  10. Personally, I can only use 3/4 dose of bp. Every stinkin' time I try to ramp up to a full finger my face gets really irritated (red, burning, flaking) but I don't seem to have a problem with 3/4 finger. I do get the occasional zit and I don't know if this is due to the reduced amount of bp or if they would have popped up anyway, but I don't worry about it. If I remember correctly, I think dami4n (one of the mods) also uses a lower dose with success (but don't hold me to that). Good luck with
  11. Yes I get those and sometimes that little scab is actually under the skin. It looks like a piece of dirt stuck to your face. Annoying!
  12. I have never used Neutrogena OTS but have read NUMEROUS posts complaining about the balling-up effect it tends to have. Dan's CSR gel has never had this effect on my skin and so I highly recommend you consider switching to the gel. It goes on so smooth and doesn't leave that residue.
  13. Might be cold weather related?? I find Cetaphil to be the most moisturizing if you can stand the shininess. You could try using your normal moisturizer for the rest of your face and just spot-treat your really dry areas with Cetaphil.
  14. I was still red/itchy/flaky through the first 8 weeks (now just dealing with the flakes). I have found that when trying to ramp up to a "full" finger of bp my skin gets excessively irritated, so I stick with 3/4 finger and this works well for me and keeps me clear. You may want to try ramping down your bp a smidge and definitely make sure you're moisturizing enough.
  15. I was itchy for about 2 whole months and they way I tackled it was to use lots of moisturizer and apply it throughout the day to my especially dry areas. Also since actual "itching" (raking your fingernails across the skin) is bad, I would firmly push my fingernails into my skin to relieve the itch, without moving back and forth. This is probably not good either but you gotta do something!
  16. So glad to hear your success story! Congratulations!
  17. I'm no expert but I think both adjustments will be improvements. Hope it works!
  18. My face stung and was red for about 2 months in, and every now and again applying moisturizer will burn. The longer you get in the reg though, the less side effects you experience. I think you are right though, if your face is really dry, applying products seems to sting a little.
  19. Yes this is all normal. Many people have complained that when they start CSR all of a sudden they get zits where they never used to have them. Don't know why this happens but hopefully it'll all clear up. Whatever happens, please try to stick with the regimen for at least 3 months before making any drastic decisions. Good luck!
  20. Fighting acne seems to be an overall "delayed reaction" process -- when first starting treatment you have to wait a few weeks to see the acne go away, so conversly it makes sense that when stopping treatment it takes a few weeks for the acne to come back -- which we all know it eventually will! I'm interested in the theory that's been tossed around (no pun intended ) in this thread about your immune system stepping up and fighting the flu and possibly other body bugs including acne. Glad to
  21. I normally have nice looking skin in the early part of the day and as the day goes on it gets oilier and oilier. I am constantly blotting it. I have never never never found a product that controlled the oil to my satisfaction.