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  1. It's still good ol' 2.5% bp.

    Did you notice there is an amount adjustment when switching from the tube to the bottle? With the bottle you should be using two full pumps of it per application. Are you using enough?

    Thanks for the input Brandy;

    I was never able to work up to a full finger with the tube -- even after months on the regimen, a full finger always severely irritated my skin. I have managed to stay clear using about 3/4 a finger. I have continued using 3/4 finger with the new bottle. In fact, in the hour since I did my evening regimen, I have noticed my skin feels tight/tingly because I tried using a little more bp in the hopes of tackling these zits. I know better but I did it anyway.

  2. See the Regimen forum for my complaints about my recent relapse with acne.

    In addition to my frustration with my acne being mysteriously returned, I am very disappointed with the new bp pump-style dispenser. #1: the very first time I used it, it had air in it or something, and the first 5 or 6 squirts came gushing out the base of the pump where it attaches to the bottle. Waste of product. #2: Now that it is actually dispensing out the pump, as it is supposed to, I feel that it is more difficult to control the amount of bp than the blue tube was. Instead of a nice, controlled line of bp down my finger, I get clump-line-clump-clump-line the whole way down my finger. Even though the new packaging is supposedly cheaper in the long run, I would rather pay a little more and have the choice of the tube dispenser.

    I have been the regimen's biggest cheerleader since I had such wonderful success with it, but have been very disenchanted over the last week or so with the bp pump problems, and worse - with the return of my acne.

  3. Okay, folks, I never EVER curse, but I find myself looking in the mirror going "What the F!!!" all of a sudden. Read my signature -- I have been off these boards for over a year and a half, living life, faithfully performing the regimen every morning and every night without fail for 2 years. I had to place an order for more bp recently, only to find the website and the product packaging has changed since the last time I was here. That's cool, no problem, I found everything I needed. Well, about a week ago I finally squeezed that very last bit of bp out of my last blue tube, and cracked open my fancy new bp gel pump. And in the last week I have had four, FOUR!!! zits out of the blue. I cannot help but attribute this new breakout to the new bp. The formula didn't change too, did it??? The zit I discovered earlier this evening is the straw that broke the camel's back. So here I am, venting -- hoping, praying -- that this breakout is just a strange coincidence. Anyone else experience this phenomenon? I cannot believe my acne is back. I am frustrated, annoyed, and desperate beyond words. What happened?!?!?!? Any other long time users with any advice? :wall:

  4. Hey all, alot of new "faces" since I last checked in. Hope you're all finding success on the Regimen!

    Just wanted to drop in as a "Veteran" and say that after 6 months using Cetaphil Moisturizer -- loving the moisturizing qualities but HATING the shininess it left behind -- I decided to pick up CeraVe. Many moons ago Brandy gave it 2 thumbs up so I thought I'd try it. I love it! Very hydrating and zero shininess. I still feel that Cetaphil is ultra-hydrating, which I need to keep flake-free, so I use CeraVe in the morning and Cetaphil at night. I can apply my powder foundation immediately after applying the CeraVe, that's how well it absorbs into your skin.

    Also I have very sensitive skin and alot of products irritate my face, but I have not had any trouble with CeraVe. Please consider it if you're not happy with your current moisturizer.

  5. I have not read through all the pages on this post, but wanted to put in my 2 cents. I used to spend alot of time jotting down people's experiences with various moisturizers and then I'd go to the store to price them. About 3 weeks ago I decided to give CeraVe a try and I love it. It is very smooth, goes on easily, and doesn't leave the shiny residue like Cetaphil. I still use Cetaphil at night for that extra strength hydration that I feel it is best at. By the way, I have very sensitive skin and have had no reaction at all to the CeraVe.

  6. I have found that Cetaphil is the BEST at nixing flakes and soothing dry skin, however as you will find if you decide to try it, it does leave a greasy/shiny look to your face. I used it religiously up until about 3 weeks ago, when I decided to try another recommended moistuizer, CeraVe. I love the texture and absorption of the CeraVe, but I don't feel that it's quite as hydrating as Cetaphil, so I have been using CeraVe in the morning so as not to be shiny all day, and I use the Cetaphil at night. This has worked very well for me.

  7. Hi all,

    After 5 months on the regimen, and CLEAR SKIN since Week 10, I am leaving these boards. During those first 10 weeks I was on here almost every day, and I could not have made it without the CSR/DKR forum. So many great tips, advice, suggestions, and encouragement is to be found here. My products are listed below for anyone who's interested in what's worked for someone....

    For those of you just starting, please hang in there. YOU WILL WANT TO QUIT AT SOME POINT, BUT STICK IT OUT! Yes, the Regimen has not worked for some folks for whatever reason, and I -- the one who never follows through on anything -- wanted to quit so many times, but I figured flaky skin was better than zit-covered skin, and now even the flakes are gone. I have beautiful skin and my friends and family are complimenting me and it just feels great. My last zit was in Week 10, which is 2 and a half months in, so you really do need to give it 3 months before you decide it won't work for you. Every day you stick it out and then get a new zit, it can really be crushing. Tear-inducing even. Just follow the directions to a tee, take a deep breath, and do it again in 12 hours. Figure out how long 3 months is on your calendar, circle it in red marker, and COMMIT to the regimen AT LEAST UNTIL THAT DATE. It's just like any other goal in life -- it's hard at first but you've got to get through the hard part to see the results. Putting this goop on your face day after day, night after night can be so annoying, but eventually it will be just like brushing your teeth - you just do it without even really thinking about it. It just becomes part of your routine.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  8. im new to this board so i dont know much about all of these products and stuff lol.

    So if you could tell me were i could buy this ACV from and how to use it? That would be ccool thanks.

    I have TERRIBLY oily skin so would it help with that?? Im on accutane now so that is stopping the oilyness but as soon as im off it again (in 3 weeks) the oilyness come back within 2 weeks or so.

    So if this ACV works then i will be pleased :)

  9. So far I have not noticed a significant lightening of my red marks but from what I understand about this product it does expedite the healing process of scars. Yes they are a pain, but I'll take red marks over pus-filled zits ANY day and I know that even without treatment, they will eventually go away. I'm just so thrilled that ACV has not only dried up the oiliness of my face, it has also helped to hydrate the dry areas. I don't understand how it works, I'm just glad that it does! My skin just feels good, I don't know how else to describe it, and I think I could even get away with not moisturizing after bp but I'm afraid to do that, so I just use less and I have absolutely ZERO flakes.

  10. ACV has been the answer I was looking for. I found success with the Regimen at Week 10 but have still been battling with dry/flaky skin all along. I have sensitive skin so I was hesitant to try an AHA moisturizer -- been there/done that and it wrecked my skin. A few days ago I decided to give ACV a try after reading up on all the info on the org. Why didn't I start this sooner?! Could there BE a cheaper, easier solution for uneven skin tone? AND it makes red marks go away?? This stuff is awesome and I am the newest cheerleader for ACV. How can I get that banner at the bottom of my sig with the apples that says "ACV user?" Jojoba was a no-go, and AHA is not an option, but ACV has made all the difference for me! Thanks for all the posts about the beneficial uses!

  11. This is what I use, although your bottle looks different than mine but it looks to be the same product. Maybe they have updated the design since I bought mine a couple months back.

    This is the most hydrating moisturizer imo, although I still have flakes like crazy. It does a good job of making the flakes disappear but every morning before I apply bp the flakes are back. At first you may feel like it is thick/heavy but after using it awhile you don't notice it any more. I like it because it is unscented and does not have SPF which bothers my face. I hope you like it!

  12. Picking up on another topic I just responded to, using the products in my sig, I have had great success getting clear from acne but my only lingering side effect is flakiness and no matter how much Cetaphil I slather on my face, I still have tons of flakes.

    My problem is that I have sensitive skin so I am afraid to try an AHA (I'm really tempted to try LH5). I tried jojoba twice and I think it messed me up b/c the jojoba pulled the bp deep down into my skin and therefore my face became severely red, dry, burning, tight, and additionally flaky. This is just my theory, but no matter what the cause, I had to quit jojoba and after a week my skin is still not all the way calmed down.

    Besides the moisturizer, the only other factor I can think of is my cleanser but it says "clinically proven as gentle as water" but maybe that's what's drying my face out??

    Anyone out there with sensitive skin had success incorporating an AHA into their regimen? Or any thoughts about cleanser? Thanks all!

  13. NHSFL has AHA in it which is probably why you're feeling the burn (although I found that SPF also causes my face to feel like it's burning).

    Try switching to a good hydrating moisturizer without AHA -- I have used Cetaphil for 3 months now and it's the best so far. If you have sensitive skin (like me) your skin may just not tolerate AHA and/or SPF. Be careful with the jojoba too because my skin was doing great besides flakes and then when I incorporated jojoba my face became super-irritated and I am still trying to get it back to normal. You just can't add as many products to your regimen if you have sensitive skin, and if you do you have to take it VERY SLOW.

    Good luck!

  14. I know, it's so gross. I've been drinking 20mls twice a day (when I wake up and before I go to bed) And it just tastes awful. But the amount it's helped my skin is just.. phenomenal. Like you wouldn't believe. It even clears up my red marks from the inside! It's really really great. But it smells and tastes DISGUSTING lol.

    Duchess, what proportion of ACV/water do you drink? I'm assuming you don't drink it straight!! I remember reading about ACV a couple months back and I'm considering putting it in my regimen.

  15. We all need little taps on the shoulder like this one. Something to be mindful of. Thanks for posting! I think we all (or at least me, anyway) have a tendency to slack off or not totally pay attention to what we're doing, or get laxadasical. I will pay better attention to this and see if I notice a change. My skin is always driest after cleansing and maybe shortening my wash time will alleviate this.

  16. I had the same experience with jojoba and after being off of it for a few days my skin is still healing. I was red/burning/itching/flaking, so I guess I'm going to have to be a CSR purist and stick with the cleanser, bp, and moisturizer only.

    After several days off of jojoba the flakiness is getting less and less. I don't know why my skin reacted the way it did, but I'm done with jojoba. I had really hoped it would be a cure for flakes but I guess it's not to be. 2 attempts and bad results both times. :(