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  1. Melissa125

    Pictures of me :P

    lalala; me & stuff.
  2. Melissa125

    Need a help here. 3 seconds will do

    Yeah I know. But yeah I think it's okay, do yu use any moisturiser? That will make yur skin much less dry too.
  3. Melissa125

    Shmelis 19/F reaches for the prize!

    I love the bit 'Depends if I feel like having a period or not' Lucky, eh? Good luck!
  4. Melissa125

    Need a help here. 3 seconds will do

    I'm not that clever with all of this But, I found when I washed my face two times a day, it irritated it. So I cut to once, with a cleanser. & it did help alot. But everyone is different really, so I suppose if it works for you it's alright. If it doesn't I'd try cutting it down.
  5. Melissa125

    Hi would you mind following my progress?

    Yeah, I agree with what they said. & it won't take long, I'm sure! & gosh, if you're friends are saying stuff like that to you, I would say it's only because they're insecure themselves.
  6. Melissa125

    My wayyyyy...

    so... day 3. a bit of improvement, but not too visible. Left... Right...
  7. Melissa125

    My wayyyyy...

    lol, yerr shit song, but hopefully this will work for me. Okay so here's what I do everyday; Morning Wash Face with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (all natural ingredients) Mosturise with Liz Earle combination mosturiser. I never tone anymore, only because my skin is oily so it, infact makes it even oilier. Night Nothing... However, now I've added 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide in the form of Oxy on the Spot, hoping it'll work!! So, I attached pictures of both sides of my face this morning. Afte
  8. Melissa125

    My wayyyyy...

    oops. sorry i posted twice!
  9. Melissa125


    Hi! Still a bit new but I've been looking around for a while. Anyways, I have a question. About two weeks ago I went to the dcotor about my spots and she perscribed me Zineryt with Erythromycin and Zinc Acetate in. I used it for about a week and was fine and my spots were getting better, however I got a cold. Which was normal because everybody gets colds right. But then it went away for about five days and my spots were still fine nothing nasty. Then suddenly last Thursday I got another c
  10. Hi, I'm new I'm 15 and just started getting spots in the Summer worse than before, then trhey pretty much cleared up, maybe I forgot about them too, considering school work and coursework etc. But after Christmas my left cheek just totally flared up, whihc made me sad Anyway I have squeezed one of my spots because it was annoying and hurting. If I do that is it okay? I know it's not good and everything but I really hate having them. Oh and if anbody can help, you know red marks you get a