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  1. @kikicoconut Hey how is the 'no cleanser' approach working out for you? Do you use water 1x/2x a day or what?
  2. Yes, doing this at first seems to cause a lot of sebum, but interestingly the skin then normalizes over time. So far, using water only with minimal spot treatment is about the best thing I've tried (both for acne treatment and for skin complexion).
  3. That's actually not true. I'm rereading my OP for the first time in a long time, and I definitely sound like a whiny kid, and I was, but it's mostly accurate. My skin had gotten into a deplorable state, and I was despairing because of it. I thought I had done irreversible damage (to some extent true) and that my outlook was dire for ever having normal skin again. Hey guys, it's been ~6 years and I've wandered back to the site from time to time. I've gotten a few PM's about this topic (peop
  4. Are any specific foods triggers for you? I'm in great shape with my normal diet, which is mainly homestyle meals with a fair amount of processed foods, but not too many sugars.
  5. I'm going the same route as you, water only - but I'm going to use small dabs of 10% BP at night on whiteheads and emerging whiteheads (those are all I get). While cleanser 1x a day seemed to reduce acne spots, it really destroyed my skin (which is very sensitive now at age 24 and after one round of B5 and three tours of Accutane and years of products). Moisturizer didn't help and made me break out more. Keep us updated.
  6. When you say no products at all, are you using a bar of soap to cleanse or just water?
  7. Though you still have acne, do you have healthy complexion and smooth, healthy skin otherwise because of the good care you're taking of your skin? How long have you been taking good care like this? It may take awhile to see results.
  8. Florida Guy, tell me more about this "Kirk's Castille bar soap". I've used bar soap before e.g. Neutrogena's, and it seems to me to be more drying than a liquid cleanser and rougher on the skin, causing dryness and bad complexion. But, it is quite effective at removing oil.
  9. It definitely takes some time to sort out everything here. I am washing just 1x a day in the morning and I don't even touch my face with my hands. My showerhead has mild-to-medium pressure, and that's enough to wash stuff off. Besides, I'm never oily in the morning, as I think my skin absorbs stuff during the night. Maybe I should change this to washing before bed - but that seems to make me get oily during the day. Oilyness is not so bad, but by the end of a long day I can get kind of oily
  10. I, too, have noticed that any product I use does damage to my skin. Even the mildest cleanser and mildest moisturizer cause irritation. But no shit, I am putting chemicals on my face. I also have been on three tours of Accutane, during which I stopped using all products completely (washed with only water from the showerhead 1x a day and never touched face), which was key to clearing up while on Accutane. When some pimples returned I started using products again and things went to hell. Righ
  11. From a 24-year-old guy: Get out there. I know it's easier said than done because acne damages my self confidence and seemingly my dating odds as well, but generally you're going to be harder on yourself than most other people, especially men, will ever be, and I'm sure there are guys out there who want to meet you and really don't care whether you have blemishes or not. Don't stay home.
  12. Sounds like you're obsessing about these flaws. No one has perfect skin, and your boyfriend finds you beautiful, so perhaps you are making too big a deal about it. At the same time, acne wreaks havoc on personal security so I can relate. Instead of always discussing and arguing with your boyfriend, is there someone else you can talk to about these things? That's certainly going to strain the relationship! If you're more comfortable, talk to a counselor. That's exactly what they are for. I
  13. So you do not moisturize? How is your complexion and skin health though you do not moisturize?
  14. Nice, good luck! Do yourself a favor and take daily pictures and keep a journal. According to ParkerD, you'll see more breakouts the first month but things should be much better by month 2: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/rid-acne-...r.com&st=20
  15. Do you find though that moisturizer is necessary? For me, it seems that if I try to moisturize without cleansing first, that's a sure-fire way to clogged pores and acne.