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  1. no, but please let me know when you try that. i would like to try it as well.
  2. Hello all, I have had some type of Rosacea for quite some times and just started using Prosacea. I have (liek all of you) used tons of topical and oral medications. I started out using the product just at night and not adding any mosturizure, to get my face adjusted. I now use the product 2 times a day, and apply moisturizure in the AM only. I'm not sure hwo well its working for me. My skin appears to be less red and more pinkish, but maybe its just me. It does make my skin feel great a
  3. eucerin redness relief is awesome. Its not greasy, does not clog my pours a ton, and it really helps with redness
  4. I have a similar problem with my skin getting very red when outside in the cold and especially when I snowboard becuase of the wind and the cold. The best thing I have found so far that works amazing is adding a nice coat of neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin. I add some of the before i go out in the cold or before i snowboard and I'm fine. When i snowboard i still try and cover my face because my skin is sensitive, but the moisturizer helps a TON. Give it a try, the worst
  5. The Eucerin Redness Relief moisturizer with SPF has worked very very well for me. Sometime after i go to the gym and take a shower you can't even tell that my face is red it actually looks a almost normal pink color. I have been using the moisturizer for about 8 months now. i think it might clog my pours a little but a nice wash at night and its all good. The bottle might look small and be expensive but it lasts a really long time and you don't need much to make it work. Hope this helps ya'
  6. Hello all, i too suffer from a redness on one side of my face and on my nose. I have tried lots of topical medications and nothing seams to work. Recently I have start ed taking 100mg of zinc 50 in the the AM and 50 in the PM. Also 100mg of B6 50 in the am and 50 in the PM. I'm also using retin-A micro gel from the derm once a day, just at night. We will have to see how this is going to work becuase the derm had given me a pill to take which not only did not make my redness go away but ac
  7. Ok well here is the deal. I had a pimple under the skin and it was right on my forehead and actually hurt when I scrunched up my skin on my forehead. So this morning I woke up and it was white so I popped it thinking it world get better, well its not any worse or better but now just red. Any suggestions on how to make it go down fast, come on its Friday night (don’t want to be checkin out the ladies with my third eye) I was going to ice it when I get home from work. Any suggestions w
  8. yes that is true. wait till people have used it for a few weeks. plus everyone's skin type is totally different. I hope my post has helped some people. I have to say that the B5 is very easy and has helped me quite a bit and my skin looks better as time goes no.
  9. My modified B5 regiment I was on this site just about everyday a few months ago and tried the BP cream which made my face almost fall off because I have really sensitive skin but I didn’t stop there. Basically my problem is that I have red skin on my nose and one side of my checks, the Doc said it wasn’t roseca but I think other wise. So like I said I tried a few different things to try and clear it up. I would not say that my skin is exactly how I like it but im getting closer
  10. yes you can. And if you ready many web sites they talk about how accutane is like taking very high dosses of a vitamin A extract.
  11. here a question? any one trying ramping up doses of Vitamin A (whihc is the main ingredient in Tane. Also i have been using B50-complex time release with none of the symptoms that you guys are having and my skin is clearing. B50-complex has all the B's including b5 just a much smaller dose.
  12. the smell from vinegar fads after a little while. it smells bed rigth at first but not after you have had it on for a little Let me know how this works im intereasted in it as well. looks like a nice natural toner. could be for me
  13. Hey whats going on guys and gals, has any one ever tried this product or seen it. they say that its new i was wondering if any one has every tried it before. its called Prosacea and they say that it helps wiht rosacea like symptoms. here sis the link. please check it out and let me knwo what you think. thanks Andrew Prosacea
  14. I think that Hormone tests are great but like others said that is not always the case and probably isn’t the case after you are 19 or 20. Personally I eat VERY VERY healthy, go to the gym every day and try to be extra gentle with my skin. While I don’t have bad acne at all my skin is always very irritated looking and very red. Im not sure why and I went o the derm for a while but they gave me tons of stuff that did nothing. So now im out on my own trying to find something that
  15. smells like Spam to me. probably a stay at home mom trying to make a few bucks. I like the entrepreneurship value of it and going to web sites posting adds as if you are a legitimate user is probably fun, but I also think that its BU11SH1T