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  1. Dan, seriously I'm tired of hearing the 'not for profit' and 'I don't make anything off this' tune. It's clearly bullshit, what pathetic is that you have group of followers that can't realize that.. perhaps you Dan is not Dan anymore but a marketing bullshit of a company. How can all of you belive that Mr. Dan or should I call him 'Corporate Dan' does not make money off this? He redesigned his bottle (who cares about design?? oh wait!!), he has hired marketing personal to help with redesign an
  2. Uhh? No.. 80C is pretty normal for summer. You must live in Alaska. Anyways today was horrible I walked to a store and came back with running bp mixed with my sweat I hope I don't break out on night only regimine, fucking sucks.
  3. So it's 80C now and everyone is sweating as you know when you sweat BP comes off and shows white residu.. So what are you guys planning to do? Dan what is your opinion? I want to go out on beach etc.. . My plan right now is to get tan and do bp in evening ONLY. And have lotion during the day.
  4. I went to my eye doctor today and complained about water eyes while using BP + Eurecin and he told me it might be allergic reaction and I should stop using it ASAP. DAN PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS!
  5. Same here, cheecks! i applyed 3 layers of moisturizer and it looks a bit better. DRINK MORE WATER! Will see how is it tommorow, I got to do fuckign speech in front of the class >:[
  6. My bad Vert, !CiRiEiEiP!! i was asked today 'how did you sun burn your face that bad in spring?' god damn iot :\
  7. I'm on dans regimine and recently took b5 vitamin and noticed i got 'sun burned' look now, (red!) what gives? Does B5 do that to your skin or what? Please reply.
  8. Thats not you, please do not bullshit us with Face the gury pics.
  9. Can you point me to your regimine logs and gallery please, I just order 500MG x 1000 pills worth of B5 because dna's regimine still lets threw acne and makes it heal longer. Thank you.
  10. Yawn, milk doesn't cause acne for everybody, nor does sugar. Another bullshit theory. I haven't drunk milk or ate tuna or salt in AGES acne remained the same as I started drinking 4 glasses of milk a day. Yawn.
  11. Guys I found that above doesnt work as well as applying bp making it absorve all the way into skin (or not all the way) then APPLY it again over the bad spots and rub it in WAIT and APPLY lotion. That method is better then apply huge amounts on your face because it gets it all in really fast and nice. IMHO
  12. Hello, can mod/admin make seperate sections for each regimen type of log? For example, one for AHA one for BP one for Accutane one for Misc or w/e? Because its becoming very cluttering, I'm doing dans regimen and I go over dozen of logs that I'm not interested it (accutane), i would prefer to view logs of people that are doing the same thing faster. Please voice your opinion on this
  13. Anyone else having same problem? My chin and mustache are are clear but cheecks still not undercontrol I SLAP TONS OF BP on it now + AHA nothing works. It goes on and heals (red marks) then BAM another pimple pops up and even after its gone i get stupid red mark on its place... wtf im getting mad now same for my fucking beetween the eyes area it keeps getting those underskin bumps that evolve no matter how much BP i slap on Im like 8 months into this. I cleanse well apply BP then moisturizer