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    would love to again have skin that I would leave the house without makeup on. I didn't have any acne problem or skin problem till I began picking....come to think of it, I wasn't fat when I became anorexic either. Anyway, once I was about 26, I began to actually have some zits to pick at and then all hell broke loose. I could take one small bump, spend an hour or two at the mirror, and emerge with several bloody/weeping spots, many areas of redness/bruising where there would have been NOTHING had I left my face alone. Now things are under control as far as new acne, but I still occasionally pick at phantom blemishes.
  1. I'm trying to find a message board or chat room that deals with this topic. It is not the same as a cutter, but at the same time I have picked until I bleed many times. It always starts with just a little bump or blackhead that I think I can make look better or be flat and ends up with blood, giant red marks, and bruised skin. I also manage to push down and impact the original pimple and even cause it to spread it seems. It was an endless cycle, but I feel like I am getting a handle on it somewh
  2. am I the only one out here or did I just not look hard enough in the forums for a topic like this ?
  3. lowlyfish

    self w/make up

    various pics both before and after retin-A/tetracycline (still on it actually)