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  1. I know Dr Yarborough had quite a following on these boards probably 10-11 years ago. Many went to his practice for punch floats, and dermabrasion. Some multiple times. Some from over seas. He passed recently, see his obit here: http://www.nola.com/health/index.ssf/2014/06/dr_john_yarborough_physician_a.html#comments I flew to NOLA for a consultation with him in the summer of '04. I remember because the Olympics were going on at the time. Then in Jan of '05 had my first and only derm
  2. I saw those vids thanks for posting. I just had my 2nd dermapen yesterday. Jury's still out on resutls but I think I see slight improvement, especially on my nose. For me it will take many sessions to get to where I want to be. That said when you did the video, how many days were you out from doing your self-dermapen? I just wondering on your redness/HP in the video and at what stage you were. What's your skin tone like now? Also, what depth and speed settings do you use on the chee
  3. Thanks for checking in. Glad your happy with your results
  4. If you Google Gateway Aesthetic Center in SLC. You'll see Dr. Taylor does something very similar. Instead of CROSS, he uses a TCA peel, along with subscision and Re:pair laser.
  5. Here's a recent video of Enerjet in action w/patient and doc commentary:
  6. I know you said Adapalene doesn't work for you. But I think you should consider Differen in pleget form, small cotton wipe saturated with the medicine. The wipe is stored in a foil packet. I put one of those on my face and two days later I'm peeling like crazy-almost too much.
  7. Hey Kip, Good luck with your visit. Let us know how NOLA and Dr. Y is. To your question. I can't address it specifically but it seems to me (from your pic) that the derm took any sun damage you may have had on your face but it remains on your neck area? That's the first thing that came to mind anyways.
  8. This company is working on an injectible to improve the appearance of scars. They are doing Phase II studies on it now. Check it out, looks promising. http://www.renovo.com/
  9. It appears to look pretty good. Did it hurt at all? Good luck with your healing, I hope it works out for you!
  10. Best thing to do would be to go to Candela's site and do a provider search for your area. Good luck.
  11. Thanks for posting that. He was always regarded as the shiz, for fat transfer. Sorry about your results, I'm hopefull that you get a look you are satisfied with after the next go round. Don't beat yourself up either, I highly doubt any of this was your fault.
  12. It's a mild electrical current to help topicals, in this case tretinoin, penetrate deeper. Iontophoresis is also used for other things, excessive sweating, ect. There are some machines avalible if you do some reasearch.
  13. Maybe this is a step in the right direction? It would be cool to have this documented for a TV program. Lifelong anti rejection drugs is one of the risks that concerns me
  14. JS-thanks for the run down mate. I heard the same info from another source yesterday. I'm glad the Dr. and staff are ok. I too-worry about their houses, ect. It will be tough to just resume life as normal when the city has been under water for weeks. I'd echo what Leo said about donating. I gave $150 to Red Cross today. That's small beans compared to what's actually needed, but every bit helps, even small amounts.