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  1. salicylic acid worked pretty well for me.. i used neutrogena clear pore treatment... takes a while to see results, prob at least a month think the SA is not bad for unclogging pores..
  2. salicylic acid worked pretty well for me.. i used neutrogena clear pore treatment... takes a while to see results, prob at least a month think the SA is not bad for unclogging pores..
  3. i've had bacne for *ages* and am still getting it... i think salicylic acid has helped....i don't want to try BP cos it bleaches everything around it..and i've had a few items in my wardrobe ruine this way... am going to try tea tree oil next..
  4. my experience was with taking pictures. i can't remember what i had on my face but for some reason it reflected alot of light with a camera flash... so the pictures came out with me having all these white patches all over my face..it was SOOOO gross...LOL
  5. thanks for all the replies so far ! i have stopped my facials and am monitoring my complexion... my problem is more of clogged pores and tiny little bumps that BP doesn't get rid of... that's y i need that extraction part...
  6. sometimes they change the formulations ...or the internet info is inaccurate i experienced the same thing with neutrogena pore refining toner. paula b says it contains alcohol but i just went out to the store and read the ingredients and it doesn't contain alcohol at all... i recommend SA for red marks...but u need at least a few weeks to see results. and beware if ur pdt contains alcohol cos that can be irritating for some pple. BP won't really do much for ur red marks unless there's
  7. green glass oil ? wat's it called in chinese ah.. sounds kinda troublesome...did it cause any breakouts ? am wary of putting any sort of 'oil' on my face...
  8. i'm a believer in paula b's philosophy...which is that no matter how good your cleanser is, it can't really help much cos it's all gonna be washed away in a matter of minutes (some pple have experienced good results with letting the cleanser 'sit' for a while but your mileage may vary...) Hence, i think changing the cleanser prob won't do much good. wat's the effect of clindamycin? is it a disinfectant or exfoliant ? i think what u need in ur regime is an exfoliant in addition to the
  9. yeah..like the kind u go to a beauty salon for.. they cleanse n scrub. then the main part (and really really REALLY painful) is extraction where they try and get rid of all the black/white heads/anything-with-a-head using tweezers/extractors/torture instruments... then followed by a cold mask. most of the time my face gets all red and splotchy but feels alot smoother (coz everything's been pretty much squeezed out...) sometimes i get a few post-facial zits probably due to all that po
  10. i just called up SGH retail pharmacy and they say that Neostrata Bionic Face Serum (10% PHA) is $78...kinda ex..but cheaper than one session of facial at Bella....hehe.. I'm considering PHA cos it's supposed to be milder than AHA and i only intend to use it every other night (alternate with my 2% salicylic acid) hopefully it will be good ! all those with AHA experience..pls share..thanx ! =)
  11. just a quick question...need as many opinions as possible which is more effective for acne: Facials or my own regimen (BP + SA) I started doing both at around the same time and noticed significant improvement. my facialist claims it was their facials that did the trick but i dunno.... need opinions...thanks !!
  12. meeraboots: i haven't tried any of those cleansers but on another website (make up alley) there have been pretty good reviews for the l'oreal hydrafresh cleanser..i'm thinking of trying that like you..i go for the cheap stuff if i can...after having wasted TONS OF $$$$ on useless stuff...i'm alot fussier (and poorer) nowadays ;p
  13. man i hate fluorescent lighting.. even my non-acne-prone friend with relatively good skin says it makes HER look bad... i always try to avoid light..ANY kind of light shining directly on my face..sun light..table lamps..etc..whatever. anything that will bring attention to my face...urgh.
  14. i've never tried AHA but am keen to becos i have SOOOO many clogged pores and little bumps which i need to work on.. i've heard that AHA is good for that (BP doesn't do anything for those...) i'm thinking of buying Neostrata's PHA serum..supposedly it's a milder version of AHA anybody had any luck with PHA ?
  15. iaaimaiaiola : i understand how u feel abt money down the drain bit..it has happened to me TONS of times and cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars... BP has worked pretty well for me most of the time so my suggestion is that you keep to the BP and try using it once every other night. try using just a verrrry thin layer. if that still doesn't work then i suppose BP is not suitable for you (mine's a 2.5% formula) also...if ur toner contains alcohol..DITCH IT. in my experience alcohol i