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  1. Acutally 90% have chapped lips and 80% get dry skin. I had just some chapped lips but no dry skin just regular skin not oily or dry, but I did have dry hair and mild dry nose.
  2. Not even a month off and oil back, but yeah most people get it back after 1 or 2 months.
  3. My skin was not dry at all just normal on tane, but now almost a month off it oily again!
  4. LOL...you don't need a HIGH FAT diet!! By the time you're acne is gone, you'll have obesity problems. Just eat maybe some bread with cheese, eggs, cream cheese, dinner with some meat, sphagetti with oil etc. you know the usual stuff. You don't need McDonalds and Pizza every day for accutane But back to Verve's problem, if accutane clears up while she's on the course so I guess it's working it's just that she keeps relapsing and yes it is rare to have problems after 2 courses and plus relapsin
  5. Yes and no! Yes--I did clear me at the end and my acne was too damn annoying and shitty and so many nasty little comdones and bumps that made my face look rough as hell, it would takes ages to get rid of those, so accutane was the answer. No--I was breaking out till the whole damn time, just slow gradual improvement throughout and plus for 5 months I was getting 2-3 ugly cyst per month where I only maybe used to get like 1 one of those every 3-4 months. And because of those cysts, it's the rea
  6. slowing oil production isn't the only thing accutane does for your skin so it is still possible to clear up. i knoe BeenThereDoneThat didn't clear up until 2 months after her fist course. I know and this gives me lots of hope, but I assume when the oil is back although I'm not worried by it since it's normal to get it back but it makes me believe that the drug is gone now and what has cleared up has been cleared up and no further clearing will happen anymore. I don't think beentheredon
  7. Oh no people oil is completely normal! But I just want to know if the effect of accutane is still on for further clearing
  8. As for me, accutane cleared my acne to the point where it's virtually gone which means, yes I still get small reddish flareups a few times week and such, and other very very small outbreaks but my face looks clear to everybody. And as for my back and shoulders, I still get a few clogged pores like every 10 days or so and I have some little white bumps there, but it's all good, I'm happy
  9. I been off tane for 24 days and still get some really minor pimples and flare-ups, I know accutane can continue improving you after the course is done, but my oil returned yesterday, not as bad as before but it's there. So since the oil is back, I assume that the chance of accutane continuation of clearing you after the course is done, is gone now because the oil is gone?
  10. Actually 60%+ are cured after one course. And after 2 courses 90% people are cured! Then there are those unfortunate 10% that have to do a 3rd or 4th course. Also a lot of factors depend on permanent remission, such as how bad the acne was, what age you got it, teenager or female, trunk acne, cumulative dose etc. For example you are an adult male and took the right cumulative dose your chances of cure are like 80%+ after one course but relapse can still happen of course. But then there can be
  11. That will happen in the first month like a few weeks. I don't mind the oily skin really but I thought accutane takes that away as well as the acne, so I got concerned. And I'm through with topicals for good lol!! Derm said since I'm already going on 21 years and am male he said accutane will buy you time until you are suppose to naturally outgrow acne, hope he is right. He said only like 2-3% of males have acne beyond 25. Man I hope I'm one of the lucky ones.
  12. I took a whole course and was exactly like you never dry except occassionally on my chin. Only 80% of people experience dryness of skin so that's not everybody! As long as you are not oily which you can't be on accutane anyway even if you only like 10mg per day that stops oilness you are all good. And yes no topicals, just use Accutane!