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  1. i got high and drunk the night b4 my blood test....results were fine
  2. Yeah dont take mulitvitamins with vitamin A...dats a no no. I dont know of any but u u can go to ur drug store or natural health store and find some
  3. I dont see how Accutane would conflict with a navel piercing...but i may be wrong
  4. u gotta have patience once on accutane. Like many people said before, it does have differnt affects on everyone. For me, i got cleared up within 3 months. The first signs of progress where 2 months into it. Just wait and if it gets worse, i recommend getting off it.
  5. yeah i was on minocyline for like 3 weeks, it wouldnt do anything for me so then the derm prescribed accutane. And now im 99.9% acne free! But try minocyline first and give it a shot