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  1. I've had it for a while, and it does help a bit. Don't expect it to totally get rid of you blackheads, but it does lessen them.
  2. Actually oatmeal obsorbs oil, and honey is both anti bacterial/anitmocrobial and moisturizing. All in all that mask is really good for your skin. Prescription meds and the over the counter meds aren't the only good treatments for acne.
  3. Yes you want the zit to dry, thats part of the healing process. Picking at the drying skin will most likely result in a worse scar. I know it sucks, and it looks terrible, but it will heal faster if you leave it alone. I would go with the Neosporin, if you choose to do anything.
  4. I've been dealing with the same kind of problem. My husband and I got these beautiful sheets for our wedding, unfortunately my BP has bleached our blue sheets pink. If ever I was curous about how much I move in my sleep, I'm not now. It's rather obvious in its pink tinged glory. We've given up and switched to white sheets, and we make sure the sheet is folded over the comforter by several inches. Waiting until it's obsorbed makes no difference, as far as I can tell.
  5. kenike

    In tears

    I know how your feeling. I hate it when my picture is taken by anything but a digital camera (it's easier to fix the pics on my computer that way). My derm tells me that I don't really have any scarring (although I have both red and brown scars and a few rolling scars) and 5 minutes later with yet another perscription for antibiotics (that I don't take, but heignores it when I tell him) he sends me on my merry little way. And to make matters worse I have no hope that I might ever grow out of
  6. I hate to break it to you but orgasm, whether it's from mastrubation or sex, is actually good for you skin and helps to reduce acne. People also used to believe that it made you go insane or blind, neither of those has proven true. Lol, not sure I want to know about where you got your research thats your own business. Check with a doc if you don't believe me, or take a human sexuality course at your local college. Erin
  7. It sure sounds like contact dermititus to me. Follow the advise above and get some hydrocortosone lotion, and wait. Bp makes me red and painful, but I don't get a rash. The only things that give me a rash are tide and myself (short explaination, I'm allergic to the protiens in my blood)
  8. To use the blackhead tool: center the tool around the blackhead push gently and evenly DO NOT GOUGE clean the tool with alcohol after each use.
  9. kenike


    I'll have to try neosporin, next time. As much as I try not to pop any zits that I may have, not all of us are perfect enough not to ever give into the urge. Will205 - let he who has never popped a zit, make the first snide comment.
  10. I know that there are plenty of sites out there saying that it is dangerous, but none of them are from and major medical research company or medical institute. Infact with a search "hydroquinone medical center" all I get if info regarding tests on its effects, and all state that if used on the skin in the concentrations of 4% (standard rx) there is no danger. Yes it is dangerous in LARGE quantities and in high concentrations, but unless your a moron your not likely to be using those, not to me
  11. Clindamyacin works just fine with bp, in fact there is a prescription that combines the two, but my insurace won't cover it since bp is an over the counter medication.
  12. What web-sites are these from. Are they from a doctor or a medical lab? Sorry if I'm coming across as rude, but I need to see proof from a reliable medical source. As I said I just finished chemotherapy, nothing I see on the list above can even begin to compare to the dangers of chemo, which is a poison.
  13. I'm notorious for being paranoid when it comes to any chemical I put on or in my body, so I research everything to death. Plus I just finished 6mo of chemo for an autoimmune disorder, so my docs are careful not to give me anything that could cause probs since my immune system can't fight it off. The only info I find regarding hydroquinone being dangerous or banned, come from africa. The only reason that I find for it being banned it that it caused severe hypopigmentation in people with dark s
  14. Vinigar isn't bad for your skin, infact it helps balance the ph levels.