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  1. Get up off the floor and believe in life. No one's ever gonna ask you twice. Life is worth living...as individuals we all have different things that make us happy...just find something you enjoy and find happiness...life is for living, so go do it.
  2. Yep, this is true. My skin in the summer is unbelievable, everything clears up and I feel great. So, yeh...sea water and the sun totally clears up my skin...Of course there's the risk of skin cancer, but I put on alot of high sunscreen (SPF 50) and I don't spend like 12 hours in the sun. Aslong as you look after your skin whilst being out in the sun it's all good. "If you want to see the rainbow, you've gotta' put up with the rain"
  3. I'm going to take 5 bottles down to the beach and collect some sea water this week. Now I live about 10 mins away from the beach, I have 2 friends who surf alot and they have clear skin...so maybe sea water is the answer...plus i've seen alot of surf videos and the people who are in it have 'gleaming' skin.
  4. So Alex, you're not washing your face with water or anything? I asked my friend (who has clear skin) what does he use to wash his face...he said "Nothing" So i'm also gonna be with you on this.
  5. I do the exact same thing mate. Maybe it's a Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? I look in the mirror atleast around 50 times a day. Everytime I get up I check the mirror...I don't eat or take a piss...I must check the mirror.
  6. I'm sorry, I must be missing something here...Kanmi i've just viewed your gallery...you're VERY good looking girl. Nice dark eyes, nice hair and a very beautiful face...How can a guy not want to have you or fall in love with you?!?! This world's stark raving mad.
  7. That is so true. Since i've had acne I have changed dramatically. The way I think about things, the way I think about people and basically a different outlook on life altogether. It's madness, but maybe this changing will do us alot of good in the long run. Take Winston Churchill for example...I don't know if he suffered from acne but he did suffer from depression ("Black Dog") and I bet he got really down and low, probably worse than we do. But he turned out to be a great man...
  8. Does anyone have any idea if warm air blowing in your face can ruin your skin? Now I don't mean warm air from outside or from the sunlight. From a hairdryer or a bathroom heater...and say it's done everyday for 30 mins...will it ruin my skin?
  9. Get up off the floor and believe in life. No-one's ever gonna ever ask you twice.
  10. For the love of god. I've read articles from websites about Acne dysmorphia and i'm clearly suffereing from it. I can't believe what i've been doing. You know what i've been putting on my face for the past 4 days? Toilet bleach mixed with water...EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS ON THE BOTTLE "KEEP AWAY FROM SKIN" Oh dear oh dear. I have mild back acne and for some reason (which now I think the reason is because Acne dysmorphia) I washed my back and shoulders with toilet bleach and now my skin is burnt...
  11. What on earth are you rabbling onabout? ...
  12. I can't take my shirt of infront of other people too. Altough I work out and i'd say my body is looking good, acne stops me from showing it to others, and as you said...it's depressing. How does one cope? I don't know. I admit, I don't cope...if my face looks bad then i'll get depressed and down then not go out and do things like an 18 year old male should do. *Sigh*