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  1. Was just wondering if accutane does that to anyone? Thing is, I have some scars right now (pre-accutane) and just wanna know if accutane has helped improve scars in any way? Would be great to know! thanks!
  2. hmm, i think u may want to stick it out for another 12 weeks...a friend of mine did and he's basically flawless now...but as others suggested, maybe u could try changing the cream to gel instead? and also, how about trying to change Solodyn (i suppose it's an oral anti-biotic) to a topical anti-biotic to be used in the morning? just some things you may wanna talk to ur derm about...tell us how the derm appointment goes! good luck!
  3. cheers, tonga! that's a pretty good thread..wouldn't know of it if you haven't told me
  4. Thanks for all the replies! so far, i experimented with using AHA in the morning...and while it works well, i haveta apply sunblock after (it's scorching here), so my face gets soo oily during the day and i seriously look like i'm covered with oil..umm, not a good look but thanks for the suggestion MrsZ, i can totally see it working in the colder months. i also tried using AHA about 30 mins before appling Differin at night...it's ok, just that i dunno if they're cancelling out each other
  5. hi all..pretty new to this forum..but loving it already anyways, i posted this on another thread but thought i should have a new topic on this in case people have already answered in that thread so won't go there anymore lol. ok, here's the thing. i'm currently using Differin--for like nearly 2 months now..and i'm liking it and all...but was just wondering if i can start using an AHA lotion, then wait for 30 mins, then apply Differin? i think it was Paula Begoun that mentioned that this makes
  6. this might be OT, but as a differin user, i was just wondering if it's ok to use AHA, then wait for 30 mins, and then apply differin? i'm considering this cos i heard it'd be more effective? would be great to hear your views! thanks!
  7. yeah, i've tried it. a word of advice: dont use it. period. broke me out every single time i used it. i think cos it's terribly oily...which is too bad cos i like how i got a nice 'glow' when i have it on. hope that helps
  8. Hey Kezza! :) Nope, it doesn't matter if you use Differin am or pm cos it's a retinoid which can't be deactivated by the sun, unlike retina etc.
  9. would love to know this too!
  10. Elle! great to hear it's going well!!! kudos for being so brave!!! i wish i'm like that!!! i'm trying to stop wearing foundation once and for all...hmm, any tips on how to prepare yourself psychologically? congrats again! i know how hard it is to let go of foundation once you're hooked(although you might not need it in the first place!)!!!
  11. thanks memzba! so apply to the whole face and neck, huh? i'll try that...it's just that it's pretty hot here Down Under and i have to be careful...don't wanna get burnt! a question for those who've used it for awhile!is differin strong enough to create indents on your face? i'm asking this cos a friend of mine used it and he now has shallow indents (can't really see them unless you're VERY close...and differin cleared his acne by 99%!! ). would be great to know before i start using it religio
  12. ^^ bump! would love to know too! oh, memzba, do you apply Differin to the whole face or just to the red marks? THANKS!
  13. Hi everyone! my second post here ever! 1. How are you feeling today? good, i guess... 2. Do you use MSN alot? hmm, not really..sometimes, when i feel like it! depends who's online! 3. At what age did you get acne? 14 4. What's your favourite food? chocolates! :lol2: 5. Would you exchange your acne for clear skin, but you have to live as a fat person for 2 years? Hmmm, how 'fat' is 'fat'? it depends tho...a hard decision!! 6.How confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10? 5/6 7. How do yo
  14. Scarred, love your great attitude! It WILL get better...our scars *do* fade. (in the mean time, makeup is our bestfriend!) Wish you all the best, yeah..and hope your positive attitude will spread to many here... hugs! choccies