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  1. Hi, I'm already using Pan Oxyl but i need some advice as to what cleanser and moisturiser to use. Im using clinique anti blemish solutions soap bar and clinique for men non-oil moisturiser at the moment.... thanks!
  2. Im only using the clinique stuff because I was using them before i started the regimen. When they run out they wont be replaced.
  3. If you are really serious about clearing your acne and avioding new ones, try this remedy. Beleive me it works, i had really bad acne including real big cystic ones that never stoped showing for almost 17 years, however just recently i found and decided to try the all natural water cure after trying every acne product out there, which obviously didn't help. My friend, drink 6-8 glasses (or more) glasses of water a day (i drink normal tap water) Your body is composed of 75% water, and dehydration
  4. I found this site a couple of days ago and started the Regimen a couple of days ago: The trouble is the only BP I managed to get my hands on was 5% - do you reckon it will work? Im using Clinique Antil blemish solutions Cleansing bar and clinique oil free moisturiser to go with them...am i on the right lines...i've have acne for 10 years...the only time it cleaned up was when i started using the clinique 3 step programme - then it cleared up for 3 months...but came back with avengence a few mon