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  1. The whole point of it is to bring the nasty stuff up to the surface quicker.
  2. Yes. And to the people who have asked if they should wash it off...the answer is a resounding no. Since my last post on here, my regimen has been insanely simple: Cetaphil sensitive cleanser 50/50 acv neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer. My skin has never been better.
  3. Is the Purpose cleanser (the orange bar) compatible with ACV solution? So basically this is what I would do: 1. Use a cleanser 2. Apply ACV and let it dry 3. Apply BP if needed 4. Apply moisturizer Is that ok? Or is that too many products at once? Based on what other people have reported, I might take out BP completely. Also Rebecca, you mentioned that you used to apply it 6 times a day. Does that mean you washed your face every time before you applied it?
  4. I haven't gone through this entire thread, but has anyone experienced any adverse effects after applying the ACV, and does this get rid of the red marks that are left after a pimple was popped? I don't have acne, just a few pimples that pop up every now and then. I just want to make my skin look better
  5. I'm still unsure about the application of this. So far I understand that its important to dilute it at first water , then you simply dip a cotton ball in it and spread on the areas like a toner?
  6. do you have any pics of what the scar looked like post surgery? a week after? 2 weeks after?
  7. well, i went to see a cosmetic surgeon and he told me it should heal very well. The mole is raised, so I'm not sure how that would change things. It doesn't really bother me per say, but I don't like it and would like it removed. I'm just unsure about how the scar would look, and if i'd look worse with the scar
  8. do any of you have pics of what the scar looked like about a week after the excision? I'm thinking about getting a mole removed, which is basically the same procedure. I had a consultation the other day and the doctor drew what they would have to do to cut it out, and the scar would be linear, about 1cm - 1.5cm long on my face, dunno if I should trade my mole for a scar that long
  9. Does anyone have pics of what a scar would look like after an excision?
  10. I have a mole on my face, a little under my right eye about this "O" big, I'm thinking about getting it removed but I'm worried about what the scar would look like. How painful is the local anesthetic on your face?
  11. So do they put a bandage or something over it? What did they tell you to do while you heal from it. Can you take showers still? edit: I wanted to add, how long does it take for it to heal? I was planning to have the surgery done during my 2 week break from school, but I"m not sure if I'll be healed by then
  12. So do they put a bandage or something over it? What did they tell you to do while you heal from it. Can you take showers still?
  13. I saw matrix reloaded in the IMAX at the Luxor a few years back, you could totally see the scaring on Morpheus. It was like moon craters. Anyways, Seal has the hottest wife, if you have scarring, all you gotta do is play the guitar really well
  14. ok, thanks guys, I feel more confident in my decision, now its time to make an appointment. edit: Outta curiosity, how long does the numbness last? A few hours just like getting a filling from the dentist?
  15. I am considering getting a mole removed, and its on my face about an inch under my eye. I was just wondering if anyone can share how much pain they felt when the doctor inserts the needle to any part of your face. I'm kinda scared of the procedure for that reason, seems like it would hurt a lot.