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  1. anyone have a problem this? i know its not encouraged but prior to starting accutane i had got myself into a big problem with alcohol because i was depressed from how bad i looked. and although my skin has cleared up an amazing amount, its still not perfect, but its definitely 100% better, i still get urges for alcohol, what should i do/???
  2. i currently use generic, but i started on ro
  3. my brother told me he used to always drink while on accutane, but i just started, and i hate to admit it, but i do have an alcohol problem. and i have only been on accutane about 5 days now, and i have been able to cut back tremdously, only had 1 beer last night, and 2 beers the night before. im not trying to get wasted all the time anymore, but is a beer or two bad
  4. i didnt stop cold turkey, i stopped over a period of about 3 months as advised by my doctor. you are the first person i know that has experienced the dripping feeling, how long ago did you stop?
  5. it should get better.
  6. taht sucks mate, now i even more confused to heh i dont want that either. dont know whether to just bear it and hope it goes away or take the plunge and try it arrrgh! you should try it. i take 4%. my acne is a result of a withdrawal syptom from a previous drug i took, if you dont have the dripping feeling now, then BP definitely wont cause it. i hear it works miracles on some. doesnt do very much for me.
  7. BP doesnt keep my face dry long enough. I have a problem where my oil glands erupt which causes dripping on my face, its too small to see it drip, but i feel it almost all day and night. and after a couple hours after BP my face is pretty damn oily. it sucks.
  8. my hair is down to my shoulders and i am a male. i still stay away from the conditioner, oily is bad.
  9. ive heard that can be bad, but sometimes my face just gets so oily its unbearable to go from morning until night, any one else have this problem?
  10. not sure what that is. i took a vitamin for awhile and now i take bactrim and use retin-a and BP. i take a vitamin suppliment though
  11. i used to pick EVERYTHING on my face, but recently it has gotten so bad i dont even want to touch it anymore. If it looks tempting i might pop one white head. but it seems like every time i do that it ends up leaving a huge scar, since i am always tempted to get rid of the biggest, ugliest one.