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  1. In addition to the regimen using Dan's products - I've found that blasting a pimple in the beginning stages with 10% BP works really well. I buy the clean and clear "persagel" brand -- 5 bucks at most stores -- and I rub some into the pimple and then leave a big glob on top ... the cream hardens and dries within a few minutes ... so you don't have to worry about getting it all over your pillow. I do this before bed. Seriously - I've seen pimples in those early stages disappear by morning ...
  2. I'm seeing several products on the market that contain this ingredient and promise to fade scars. Anyone tried this or any other scar-removal agent?
  3. Sorry about forgetting the cleanser. Yes, I use the Purpose bar in the evening only. And I use the full fat finger of BP ... and have done so pretty much since the beginning. I have been a model student of the CSR. By the way, I should also mention I'm a female, and I do wear makeup. All non-comedogenic. My point in the original post, was that I've never had the particular kind of zits that I have had since starting the regimen. CSR seems to have resulted in fewer zits overall. But
  4. First of all, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. So my regimen is as follows: Morning: CSR gel, Eucerin daily renewal Night: CSR gel, alpha hydrox lotion if needed for dryness In answer to another reply ... the zits are hard to describe. They may qualify as cysts. Basically, they are hard red bumps, two or three times the size of the "pustule" type I used to get more frequently. They never come to a head, so it's impossible to pop them. So instead, I have to wait until they s
  5. As much as I wish Brandy was right, I have to tell Metric24 that I've been on the regimen for 9 months, and this has pretty much been the case since the beginning.
  6. I've heard a few people allude to the fact that their acne "changed" after the CSR. For me, CSR has helped for the most part. But now, I frequently get "super" zits that are hard and don't come to a head. They leave marks when they finally go away. I NEVER got these in 9 years of acne before the regimen. So ... does anyone know why this would happen ... and what to do about them???
  7. About 3 years ago, long before I discovered the regimen, I was on a low-carb diet for about 4 months. While I didn't lose a lot of weight .... I did notice a big improvement in my acne. There is actually quite a bit of information on the internet on this connection. Anyway, I eventually gave up the diet. My acne didn't return at first, but over the years it came back ... which is why I eventually converted to the regimen. I've been on the regimen 9 months, and in the past 3, my acne has fla
  8. I have to go to work at 3:30 am, so it's difficult for me to get up much earlier than I already do. I was wondering if it's necessary to wait 15 minutes between shower and BP, and then 15 more between BP and moisturizer. I used to have a dermatologist who would have me blow dry my face after applying some medication. Would this trick work for the CSR?
  9. Hey, I just discovered the section of the website with a couple of Dan's suggestions for treatments in addition to the CSR. They include zinc supplements, flax seed oil, alpha hydroxy acids, etc. Has anyone experimented with these and found them to be helpful? Thanks!
  10. I posted last week about exercise and acne. This guy, Dr. Perricone, believes acne can be triggered by physical stress, and an increase in male hormones, both of which he claims exercise produces. He recommends yoga as an alternative. In my last post, I told you about my first bad outbreak nearly 9 months into the regimen ... and I wondered if it could be caused by my workout. After many months of sporadic exercise, I've started a regular schedule of cardio and weights (mostly elliptical tr
  11. I am close to finishing my current bottle of eucerin skin renewal moisturizer. It has been discontinued, and now Amazon.com, and several other sites are saying it's no longer available. Is there a good substitute out there?
  12. I shower before because I go to the gym after work, and I want to get all the hair product, and makeup off of me. I also wash my face afterward. I hadn't ever heard that sweat was GOOD for acne. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. I've been on regimen 8 months now with great results. But recently I've been breaking out like crazy. The only change I can think of is my workout routine. Earlier in the year, I was doing a treadmill at home, walking and running, with a fan aimed directly at me. Now I'm going to a gym, probably working out a little more intensely (though not much) ... and probably sweating more. I take a shower before my workout ... so there's no makeup or hair product affecting me. Has anyone else had a
  14. I had this exact same problem with cetaphil 2 weeks ago. Someone on this message board suggested I may have been using a moisturizing CREAM designed for hands/body. I don't know if this was true or not, but I switched from cetaphil to an oil of olay facial moisturizer and have had no burning since. Now I'm using the cetaphil on my hands. I think you should try a different moisturizer. Good luck!
  15. GET VITAMIN E SUPPLEMENTS -1000 MG OR 400MG TWICE DAILY ... My lips were horribly dry when I was on accutane...and this worked really well. It's the only time a vitamin supplement has done something for me!