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    this is the first time in over 7 years that i have had no pimples what so ever , and its going on 6 months. Well Certain dri worked for my acne problems, and I was thinking of ways to make my acne scars rolling scars to be specific go away. 1/5 Green tea extract cream, 1/5 COQ10 cream, vitamin E two drops, and a lotion of your choice that you will mix it all in with. I tried it 3 days ago and so far nothing has changed but i didnt break out which is good. I will keep everyone posted on my resu
  2. it has only stung me and itched if i applied the certain dri too soon after washing. i try not to wash my face that long in the morning and at night maybe like 15 seconds. i just do it enough to make me think it is clean.
  3. 1) Do you still use it daily as well? And do you know if it's hazardous to your skin? ive been on this 5 months, first few days using it at night only then after 5 days or so i used it both at night and day. It is not hazardous, it is used for underarm wetness which i use it for too. 2) Also, I generally have oil related problems with me now, did it get rid of oilyness, and how fast does it do that? I use to be oily on my nose, and forehead, after the first day of using it the next day it
  4. im clear, i dont come to this site anymore really i was just seeing the thread about scar treatments becuz thats the only thing i need to fix now. Dont be scared, give it a try. I was scared to, but if i never tried i would still have acne.
  5. its helped me with old pimples, blackheads and stopped me from getting new pimples believe it or not. hasn't done anything for my scars though. It has kept me clear for 4 months! i only have gotten a few pimples and that is becuz i went without milk for 2 years and i decided 2 try it and a week later i had a few. But certain dri does wonders lol
  6. there u go kim I certainly don't have money to fund it, and I wouldn't be comfortable asking people on the site to fund any research either. That's what grants are for I believe. Studies cost a ton and we're not going to be able to raise that here ourselves. If his thesis is promising perhaps he can get a grant. Also, BP kills 99+% of bacteria, so I don't think killing bacteria is any miracle cure. BP has been doing it pretty much completely for decades. I'd be curious to talk to him to see
  7. i really like this thread its interesting to see what everyone is
  8. its not that effective alot of individuals do not have any success with Bp. i know 3 of my friends and family that it does not work for. It gave me minimal results. I just dont like people trying to promote there product by saying it is 99 % effective when many people on this site that have used it show it is not
  9. he says its 99 % effective and i find that funny
  10. how did dan start out with the clear skin products? he had to of told the companies that he was having a website that he could promote there line on. The companies wouldnt go through all the work to perfect the bp and lotion and cleanser if they werent getting a benefit out of it. I do think Bp works to a certain extent but suffering dry skin in the process of having clear skin. I just would like to see ''real'' pictures of him with acne. Because he has supposedly suffered from acne, it gives us
  11. he said he doesnt have the money nor does he want us raising money for keith holland. He also was saying how Bp is 99 plus% effective yet i didnt have any good results except for dry skin. But owell
  12. he said no so i emailed keith holland and told him dan doesnt feel comfortable with us raising funds for him
  13. I understand. Well dan does not have the funds nor does he feel comfortable with us raising funds for keith holland. So I guess we cant help the process at all