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  1. I wonder how much of an impact it has on their life, and I also wonder what kind of person they are, and if it would bring out sort of an unspoken bond if we were to interact with each other. On the subject, I was at restaurant and saw a pretty cute girl with acne, she noticed me, and obviously saw my scarring. She looked at me dead in the eye and smiled. A very kind, humble smile. I was with my friend too, who is much better looking than I...and she didn't even seem to notice him. It mad
  2. I agree to an extent. Clearing your skin is a good step in the right direction. In my opinion though, happiness comes from within. Outside things can make you happy...but it's short lived, and fades soon after. Spending money on things to change your physical appearance has nothing to do with your body, or nose, or whatever you may be discontented with. It has to do with your perception of those things. Wasting your money on plastic surgery won't satisfy you in the long run. Do somethin
  3. I have been entertaining the idea of getting involved with the church again recently, for the exact reasons you mentioned. This post has made me decide that it is right, and that it would be a wise move for me. I will take your words to heart, and remember them. You are doing God's work...and that is something you should be forever proud of. Thank you for such an uplifting post. Aside from that, I firmly believe that it is possible to change your mindset. Your life, and your feelings, are
  4. If it's primarily on your right side, then it might be because you tend to sleep with the right side of your face into the pillow. I do the same thing. Keep track of it and try sleeping differenty. I don't know your sleeping habits though. Change your pillowcases nightly. Don't ask yourself "why me." Self pity is unhealthy, and leads nowhere. Pity others, they need it more than you think. Make someone elses day, because there are others out there who are worse off. That, in and of it
  5. Anti depressants are can help at times when you're in dire need of help...but should you choose to get on something, don't let yourself come to rely on them. Use them as a stepping stone...a way to get yourself out of your deep depression. Use them to give yourself the ability to work on yourself from the inside. Allow them to let yourself do some soul searching, and find your own answers, but don't let yourself become dependant on them. You have to depend on yourself, and find your own stre
  6. Ugh I took a few pictures to post on here...but damn I look like shit in them. So they'll stay on my computer. I'm extremely unphotogenic. Plus the camera quality is really bad, so it doesn't serve a purpose. Aside from that, You're a good looking guy Adam...despite what you may think. All of the girls on here say so too...and they're the ones you should listen to. Seriously, I wish you could get over your self confidence issues...you really do seem to be a nice guy. I HIGHLY doubt you wo
  7. Oh no it's the love police. God damn, just because the word "Love" to you means some mystical, divine bond where 2 people know everything about each other, doesn't mean that's what it means for everyone. Let people say they're in love with whoever the hell they want, I don't see why it should concern you.
  8. haha manked....I like that But no, it didn't hurt. It only started hurting when they put a splint on it...which I'm not planning on wearing anymore. I have a rediculously high tollerance for pain though...which I suppose is good for me.
  9. I don't really appreciate that fact that you're trying to undermine what I've said based only on your uninformed, premature judgement,. You have no basis to say such a thing. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from saying such things in a post in which I am trying so shed possitive light, and help those who may need it. Regardless, It's not the first time I've broken something. I've broken my shins on multiple occasions, and my ankle once. I'm not on any medication for the pain....
  10. So I went out today, and as luck would have it, I broke my finger. Being at the hospital was actually really fun, and helpful to me. I was being forced to be social, because I had to deal with a lot of people. It was great. The old me was able to shine through. I was able to be outgoing and confident. I have some funny pictures and videos from when I was there. My friend used his camera phone to get a lot of it. Today was good for me, and helped me...even if my finger looked like this >
  11. I agree, Wholeheartedly. Acne teaches humility, and benevolence. To most, that is. It honestly scares me that I might run into someone I used to know, and allow them to see what acne has done to me. You're very brave for taking such a comment so graciously. Much, much respect for that.
  12. Definately. Acne doesn't bother me in the least. As long as she as a good personality, and is my type, then I have no problems.
  13. Nothing wrong with venting. It always makes you feel better when you get out the things that are bothering you. I can relate though, I'm going through a similar situation. I've started caring too much about things that never bothered me until I got acne. My advice to you, is to pick one thing that bothers you, and focus on not allowing it to effect you. Then move onto another after you have achieved that. Focusing your attention on everything that you've begun to dislike all at once will
  14. You're ahead of the game, Penguin. You have no new acne. That's what the accutane is for...and it's working for you. The marks fade. You're taking steps in the right direction. You say you can't seem to win...but I see otherwise. If the accutane is doing it's job, and you're not breaking out anymore...then you're winning over acne, which is what so many try to do, and what so many fail in doing. Keep your head up.