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  1. Thanks for the reply Addie, I'll take a look at my diet and see if anything could be causing the flare ups... I've never tried Tazorac, may be something worth giving a shot should the doctor agree...
  2. Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted here but this has been bothering me for a few months now and I'm wondering if someone can help. Recently ( within the last year ) I've noticed very large ( and sore ) red bumps on various areas of my neck. Sometimes I will get clumps of 3 or 4 on one side of my neck... then a few weeks later another 1 or 2 in a total different spot. This also occurs occasionally at the joint of my arms. I have been to multiple dermatologists and they have injected
  3. Hey!... how's the pixel treatments?... I'm not too familar with that one...

  4. Hey!... long time no speak, how's everything?

  5. Yeah, toasty here too. School starts in 2 weeks. I'm so not ready.

  6. I guess the best word to describe it is barely... lol. How is your summer going so far?...

  7. Hey handsome. Are you surviving this sweltering summer?

  8. I would wear it, if I knew what to buy... lol. You would probably be surprised at the number of guys that probably wear some form of makeup.
  9. as of right now... Nick Black - Fall To Pieces ( their whole CD actually )
  10. I agree with you both, I believe the fumes are the cause of my problem, but what can I do to prevent this from happening? I try not to apply the topical too close to my eyes, and make sure that I rub it in very firmly. I've recently used Bio-Oil both in the morning and at night and this continues to happen.... its incredibly annoying....
  11. I agree that most people notice your acne / scars / etc. but they would just see it as a characteristic of your face, such as a strong jaw line, etc. Its just that small section of Jack arses that choose to say something about it because they are insecure about themselves in some way. The one thing that always gets me is when someone looks at you, and your not exactly looking back at them, but you can tell that they are focusing in on your face?... know what I mean?... wether or not they are l
  12. Whenever I apply any kind of topical solution to the skin on my face, my eyes tear horribly all day, it takes up to atleast 2 - 3 days for the tearing to go away completely, even tho I stopped applying the product(s) all together. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? is there a known solution? I am very careful when it comes to applying these products near my eyes.
  13. Almost summer? It was 100 today...summer has arrived, my friend!

  14. I would think its because they're already famous... they dont need to have flawless skin. As long as your decient looking enough, everyone is going to drool over you anyway... lol.
  15. picking is a major reason why my face is the way it is, and I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing it ( anyone have a time machine, maybe a delorean? ) It would have made a huge difference for me if the internet were the same back then as it is now, my face would probably look a little different.