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  1. Thanks for your answers guys. I have acne prone oily skin but I use Aveeno daily moisturizer for 3 nights now, It's fine but I will get a night cream soon.
  2. Please let meknow because I use it tonight because If I can use for only day time I will have to buy another night cream Thanks
  3. Thank you for all you guys answers. I will stop using Olay cloth,Jason moisturizer and less BP. I hope I will get clear soon
  4. What pills are you on right now? A bit more information about what products or medications you are using will help people make recommendations for you. Also, a bit more on the type and severity of your breakouts would be helpful.
  5. HI, i AM ON A PILLS AND ALL THE WHOLE SUMMER TIME my skin was good and no breakouts at all,but It is sad that when the weather starts to get colder colder... I break outs alot. I want to know that what skin care I should use in winter ? or any regiments? Please, Dan's regiment is fine but BP dry my skin alot. Thank you
  6. Thanks for your answer. I take TRI-levlen for 5 days now I hope I won't get a bad breakouts.0.. :confused:
  7. My doctor has just given this one for me. I was on Dianette for 3 months and It worked very well to my acne on the second month but It's too bad that I can not get Dianette in US. so I have to switch and I hope TRI-Levlen might help for acne? Share experience if you can!
  8. Hey guys Thanks for all of yur words! well, I want to say that Estee lauder Maximum coverage has a bad color shade! We are having a reception party this saturday and I will not wear it again anyway, I did try Double wear at Estee counter, I think It's pretty good....I should not paid for Maximum coverage.....
  9. Congratulations on your wedding, you look beautiful!

  10. I apply estee Lauder maximum covreage..It is not good as I thought but I have breakouts around chin.... A woman at Estee counter picked a creamy tan shade to me...I think It's not match! Too late, I already used it yesterday I donot know how to show a pics! and It's way too big!
  11. hey guys, I tried to post pics but It is Too big for posting! I will try again!
  12. hey guys, I tried to post pics but It is Too big for posting! I will try again!