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  1. whatever you do don't turn to stupid ideals like God, there are much better ways to feel good about youself, try meditation, it's a bit like praying, except you're not pleading for the help of some fake diety. You just need to sit down in a dark room and try to relax fully and empty your mind of all thoughts, you'll feel much better after half hour meditating
  2. Hahaha, you're such a bullshitter jug, i'd probably have to smack you in the face if we ever met
  3. Getting over acne is not going to make you a better person. Every day, people survive much worse than acne -- cancer, sexual abuse, war -- and go right back to being the piece of shit they always were. Nothing is going to make you a better person. You are what you are. your ignorance astounds me. You think you can generalise everyone who has every had cancer, sexual abuse or acne. I know for a fact that acne has changed who i am, maybe noit directly, but it was because of acne i missed o
  4. it's a metaphore you absolute cretin, it's not supposed to be taken litterally. like if you loose everything you have then you have no mental constraints on what you can and can't do like responsabilities etc.. now stop being such a pedantic ass.
  5. it's a waste of time any way, find a better way to solve your problems and take a deep look in to atheism, it'll make you a bettre person.
  6. Nope, you've just seen a trend and decided to run with it. when you say that it has branded something, your saying that it's polarised popular opinion to agree with it's point of view, i know for a fact that the majority of people in the world: a) don't see hunchbacks as social recluses, most people see them as any other disabled person, i.e. you think they're probably a little bit more lonely than most people, though this is not the influence of a disney movie. b)noone i know sees stepsister
  7. don't go all emo, i bet you probably have a myspace account and write poems and want to kill youself. it's just physcosomatic, all these kids that think they have serious metal issues because it seems to be the "in" thing. they end up developing real mental issues and its a completely stupid and cruel. fucking emos
  8. It really annoys me that alot of you put the word God into your posts. You don't need any stupid beliefs to be a good person, you don't need them to overcome your fears or worries. You say your going to be the best boyfriend ever? thats pretty nieve, i bet your one of these guys that goes around with the whole "i'm going to find a girl, love her and treat her really nice". It's not that simple, we are guys, our testosterone is what girls like. you need to be assertive, direct, funny, independan
  9. i just love the way she died having a giant pole shoved in her face, i'll leave the puns to your imagination
  10. forget the regimen, forget any special treatments, forget god, fictional characters are no help. I used to try all this stuff people told me too, none of it worked, but i found a way thats simple and works. Just wash your face once at night, once in the morning, with cold water, splash it all over your face then dab clean with a towel. when you take a shower, dont let the water hit your face and dont wash or touch your face at all, then when you get out wash your face again with cold water and
  11. Jug is on Accutane yes, i however, am just trying to follow suit
  12. my scarring isn't that bad at all, and i've had severe acne for 4 years. I drink alot of orange juice and lemon juice, i think vitamin c helps prevent it.
  13. hmm "People with mild depression can usually still function at work and socially, but may have a low-level depressed mood, feelings of boredom or restlessness, or poor self-esteem. These symptoms may be attributable to things that are going on in your life, but quite often there is nothing to blame them on. This can be confusing for both the person affected and their loved ones. You may benefit from the attention of a trained mental health professional for further evaluation and a more accurate