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  1. Jonah - my excision was in the middle of my forehead YW - I saw Dr. Phillip just north of Toronto. I went there because it was the closest surgeon to where I live. Where do you live? You probably don't need to travel all the way to north of Toronto. Just find a plastic surgeon who practices near you. Excision is a pretty straighforward procedure.
  2. Jasmine, Have you been putting anything on your scar? I had excision about two months ago. The left over scar looks pretty good. You can't even see the linear line. The only thing I have is a small hole which was caused by the stitches. Do you (or anyone else) have any advice on how to improve this? Thanks.
  3. YW, I had excision done on a chicken pox scar last month and it was covered under OHIP. Just call some plastic surgeons and find out. They will give you an answer. Note that excision may be covered, but other procedures like lasers or fillers will definitely not be covered.
  4. YW, Go to www.yellowpages.ca. Do a search for physicians and surgeons. You will get a whole bunch of results. Find some plastic surgeons that live near your place. Call them and ask whether they do scar revision, specifically excision. See if you can book an appointment. Make sure to ask whether the appointment is covered under OHIP. If the scar is on your face, the consultation and the procedure should be covered under OHIP. Some plastic surgeons tried charging me for a consultation - make s
  5. Spot, I had excision done on a chicken pox scar and it worked pretty well. Read my post in the thread "Excision for Ice Pick scars - I'm so happy" by Maria.
  6. An update on my excision, one week after I have had the stitches removed, and 12 days since the surgery. The scar has healed quite nicely. It has adopted the same colour of my skin (no red marks). It doesn't even look like a scar, but more like a groove in the skin. The only negative part is that the scar is slightly indented, but it's only noticeable if I look at it very closely in the mirror and only in certain angles. Overall, I would say that there has been an 85% improvement. And hopefu
  7. Hi everyone, I had excision last week and I thought I would share my experience with all of you. Okay, my scar. It was a crater-like chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead - probably about 5 mm in diameter and fairly deep. I saw three different plastic surgeons and they all recommended excision. One of the surgeons also suggested that I could try a filler like Artecoll first. But the other surgeons were of the opinion that a filler wouldn't work. So I decided to go with the excisi
  8. Lonelyman, Can you describe what exactly is a 2 layer stitch? Thank you.
  9. YW, Sorry, but I don't have MSN. For more information on excisions, just do a search on this Board. There is a lot of good information on the post "Punch Excision for Ice Picks, I'm so Happy" What kind of scars do you have? You should make an appointment with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  10. Sharpeye, Thanks for posting your photos. Would you say that the scar that you have now after the excision is better or worst than your original chicken pox scar?
  11. YW, I live in the Toronto area as well and there are plenty of plastic surgeons here that can help you. Regarding the cost, it depends on what kind of procedure you're looking for. Some procedures, such as excision, are covered under OHIP. But most procedures, like laser treatment, are not covered. Plastic surgeons will prefer to see you first before recommending what procedure would be best for you.
  12. I am going for excision next week. I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead (about 4-5mm in diameter) that I am going to get removed. I have seen three different plastic surgeons, and all of them have told me that excision would be the best option. I will make sure to write down my results here on the Board, so that people can decide whether they would like to get it done as well. For those of you who have had excision, do you have suggestions or recommendations for things that I should do
  13. Hi, this question is for Maya and Maria and anyone else who has had excision done. The flat linear scars that were left behind after the surgery, what are they like, specifically: How long are they? How wide are they? Pigmentation - are they red, white, or another colour? I have a saucer type scar in the middle of my forehead, I would say about 4-5 mm in diameter. I am going to have excision done on it in a couple of weeks. The surgeon said that the scar is going to be about 7-8mm lon
  14. Eddy, Where in Canada do you live?
  15. Hi Maria and Maya, That's fantastic news! I"m so happy for you two! :(/ Would you have any before and after pictures that you would be willing to post? It would be great to see what kind of improvements the surgery has made. Thanks!