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  1. I will say from experience that I used AcneFree, which is the generic of Proactiv and supposedly contains the same formula. It worked all right for me for about a year. By all right I mean that my skin cleared about 75%. I went on the regimen (see my signature below for a product listing) and I am 95-100% clear after 4 months, meaning I might get one or two pimples here and there, but it is very dealable. I was never this clear on AcneFree. I would say if you are new, don't bother with Proactiv.
  2. I started using the mederma (get the generic...it's WAAAAAAAY cheaper) about 9-10 months ago, and I started the regimen 4 months ago, so I have been using it longer. I started using mederma when I was still using AcneFree, and when that wasn't working for me, I found this forum and started the regimen. I have noticed some slight improvement in my scars, which are only on my cheeks. They aren't as bad as some I've seen, but it would be nice to smooth them a little. They are from when I was on acc
  3. Exactly. I have also used the 10% and have found that it dries your skin out to the point that it causes your skin to only break out more as a result. With the lower percent of BP, you get excellent results (as I have) and you don't get the dry skin. Of course, a good moisturizer is the important final step to the regimen. Follow it and you will have the same wonderful results as many of us on this forum have! Good luck.
  4. Yes, the generic mederma is found over by the neosporin. I don't have a higher resolution shot....sorry. I pulled this off of my other website. Right now I don't have any breakouts, so I am 100% clear (of course, that could all change). I wish everyone luck!
  5. Okay, then that would be me! As I just posted minutes ago, I am including a link to my recent thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=96984
  6. Well, I started the regimen in the beginning of January and now I am almost completely clear. Please see my signature for my product listing. I occasionally get a couple breakouts, but nothing major. Definitely nothing like before. I used to have anywhere from 25-50 pimples at any given time. I have tried accutane, every prescription topical medication, antibiotics, every over-the-counter facial wash, and AcneFree (the generic of Proactiv). None of them worked for me, with the exception of Accut
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    It's me....
  8. That is super! You give the rest of us hope. I hope it works well for me in the end....I was clear after 10 days on it, but now a month in I am broken out again. I think I'm just adjusting. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! People who have never had acne do not know how stressful, painful, and annoying it can be!!!
  9. So, about 10 days after I started the regimen, I was very happy. My skin was clear and thus, life was good. This past week, however, has been very bad. I've got clusters on my chin, cheeks, and forehead. I am going to be patient and hope this is all part of the adjustment period. I just know from all the success stories that if this doesn't work for me, nothing will....because I've tried everything else!!!! In good news, I am going to Cancun in three weeks. I have that to look forward to....alt
  10. A few weeks ago I had a lot of breakouts. I am a 25 year old girl who has tried EVERYTHING, including 6 months of accutane. I was ready to tear my face off after an unsuccessful run with AcneFree (generic Proactiv). Decided to try the regimen, and now I am at day 19. There's one healing on my chin, and one below my nose. Two isn't bad, considering a few weeks ago I didn't even want to count them all! Hugs, hugs, hugs...and hope. Hope to all that the regimen works for you!
  11. I definitely like it. I used to take the regular ortho tri-cylcen years ago, but the white pills (week 1) made me throw up every month. Too strong for me. So I switched to Lo and it has been great ever since (it's been a few years too). Now I started the regimen 19 days ago, and am almost completely clear. The combination of the two is good for me, at least!
  12. I've always used No-Ad. (You know, the cheap stuff). I think the KEY with sunless tanning is the application. Once you get it down pat, it becomes routine. I always apply to my legs, starting at the top of the feet, being careful around the ankles and knees. Then I do the arms, starting at the top and working my way down. You have to be careful on the lower arm so that it looks natural. Apply to the top of your arms, and then lightly smooth onto the bottoms of arms, using less there (sun doesn't
  13. I am so happy with the results! When I started the regimen, I had bumps on my forehead and breakouts on my chin and cheeks. Now I'm all clear except for one healing thing on my chin and only one new one under my nose. I haven't been this clear in a long time. I had been on AcneFree, which I think dried my skin out too much b/c the "moisturizer" with that regimen is BP, which I think is ineffective as the final step. So, let's break it down here: Cetaphil (generic) cleanser Neutrogena On-the-Sp
  14. Well, I know somebody who goes tanning year-round and I can honestly say that her skin looks terrible. She's in her mid-30s, but her skin looks 50. She has these circle-shaped scars all over her face and legs. A couple years ago she had this breakout on her face that got worse and worse and it was these circles, and the doctor "couldn't figure out what they were". Well, I'm sure it was due to her tanning. The result is she has a tan face, but where those circles are, it doesn't tan. She would lo
  15. With all the talk about the discontinuation of Eucerin Skin Renewal, I decided to go the the one store around here where I was able to find it in the first place. I don't know if any of you have Shopko by you, but if you do, check it out. I bought up the last seven they had. They were $5.99.....just last week I paid $8.99. There was a yellow sticker on the shelf that showed the $3 price drop. I didn't go to either of the other two Shopko stores we have here, but I would imagine there's some left