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  1. ************* UPDATE ******************* For me, Proactiv was a short-lived love affair that was moderately effective at reducing my acne in combination with the birth control pill (Yasmin). I still consider Proactiv one of the better topical treatments readily available (better than plain bp, antibiotics, differin, etc.) but it's not going to make you perfectly clear, it's not going to solve your acne issues, and dependency on the full regimen is exhausting to maintain long term. I consid
  2. PROACTIVE - 2 months - LOVE IT! I'm horrified that I'm an infomercial success story! My overall skin is a billion times better. Had my first deep/inflamed one in over a month and it only flared because I poked and prodded at it (and itself was likely spawned by mega stress/depression). Other than the current recovering whopper I get one teeny thing a week on average that extracts easily and without fuss and without marking. My skin looks fantastic, better than it has in 2 years. Maybe eve
  3. PROACTIV day 8 - I am still having great success with Proactiv. My breakouts are not entirely wiped out just yet but the ones I have were deeeeeeeep and fussy anyway. Little spots that I get don't stand a chance and disappear within a day without ever making a fuss (no redness, irritation etc.) if I leave them alone. It seems like this stuff is working a million times faster than Differin ever did, and my skin texture and complexion are both a lot smoother. Dryness is the one thing that I
  4. PROACTIV day 2 - My major eruptions (pms hormonal contributors?) don't seem to be dramaticallyreducing but there's no new actives and the present ones seem to be coming to somewhat of a head. Perhaps wishful thinking. In any case, I am head over heels for this Proactiv stuff simply by virtue of its pleasant and easy routine. The smell is pleasant. The cleanser smells like fresh linens and the bead things aren't harsh at all... it's really refreshing to return to a "scrubber" cleanser eve
  5. PROACTIV infomercials finally cracked my stubborn resistence. Tonight I will start in with the regimen. Not looking forward to the 3-step process. $99 didn't hurt my wallet too bad. PMS impulsiveness... but to be fair, Differin just wasn't cutting it. We'll see...............
  6. UPDAAAATE it's been almost a month since my last reply... face is still no better. i went through a really clear "patch" of about 2 weeks or so but things have turned angry again for the past two weeks. i'm still trucking at the differin regimen although halfheartedly because i don't think it really works. the difference between my clear phase and my current breakout phase might be attributable to: 1. omega3 capsules 2. very little food prior to and during clearness those were the only tw
  7. Picking is starting to get bad again... my nails are so long that i can't mess 'delicately' anymore. But I don't want to cut them because then I know I'll go on a squeeze rampage. Bah. Face isn't too bad, although not as good as it has been. Whatever I don't pick at goes away within a day or two but sometimes they "linger" and come in and out of existence (small things)... I usually attack if they appear more than twice just to stop the cycle. But yeh overall nothing is horrible, if only
  8. Face is lookin good... I'm only really applying Differin every other night -- not a premeditated move but I keep falling asleep -- so I guess that also means i'm only washing every other night (geez I'm dirty). Maybe this is the hidden secret? I dunno. I stick with my reg when I can. Due to this sleep/laziness issue I used a mask yesterday for the first time in about 5 days. I was scared to use it because of how well my face was coming... Picking hasn't been too bad lately. I'm just f
  9. No new actives (for now) so things are pretty good. Picked off most of my scabs only 1 of which was overly premature. A few residue pinkish areas that'll go away quickly but one revealed a deeep crater smack dab between the eyebrows Why is it that there seems no rhyme or reason for ones that leave crater scars and ones that don't? I can't seem to find any pattern. Although forehead is the preferred terrain for those hungry flesh-eating ones. Face is in need of exfol - been a few days of i
  10. NEW PRODs + Update: Neutrogena (advanced solutions) Post-Acne Mark Fading Peel I have reeeeeally high hopes for this stuff. A bit smelly but I've used it 3x in 2 days without any irritation... doesn't really dry and I'm not scrubbing the grit around my face. Anyway, I don't know about marks, but it seems like it's working great for my actives. I got 2 teeny tiny whitehead things pop up but they're no longer around. Seems like it's really killing my actives. **also tried it overnight as spot
  11. Does sweating cause clogged pores/breakouts? It's friggin' 111 degrees in Toronto right now (with humidex), there's no breeze and I DO NOT HAVE A/C. I am dying. I'm pouring sweat as I type this. Sitting in front of the fan helps but my eyelids still sweat from the skin-on-skin contact. It's just that fucking hot. My skin is still littered with remnants of pickage but hopefully I'll leave them alone and they'll heal well enough (no scabs?) by the weekend... if my face doesn't go haywire w
  12. Hi Ben, browsing your log... curious to see how others are liking Differin. I assume you use the gel? I've been using it for about 4 months now without any other prescrips and it seems to be working well for me except I don't have your patience in letting anything heal itself... but on the occassion that I do leave things alone they go away relatively quickly (as short as one day) like you've said. In response to the one that 'fell off' when you squeezed it... yep! Skin is much more fragil
  13. REGIMEN CHANGE and update. Skin is still recovering from Wednesday/Thursday tweezer assault. Only a few scabs to go but now I've got lots of red marks to deal with. I suppose they'll just fade over time, I'll maybe try to exfoliate (clay mask) more often to help speed things up. So here's the old regimen May 2006 and June 2006. MORNING +Burt's Bees Orange Essence Cleanser wash to rinse + moisturize +NeoStrata 8% Glycolic Oil Free Daytime Lotion SPF15 EVENING (+)Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cle
  14. Hello Hello.. that was a fantastic post! First and foremost, I absolutely love catching glimpses of other people's lives so it was a pleasure to be afforded a bio-of-sorts about you... especially in light of our similarities as you noted. A little self-conscious about this post because of your writing expertise and your grammar acumen... I shake my head whenever I notice grammar/spelling mistakes but it causes me actual distresses knowing that I'm inadvertently making them all the time mysel
  15. Ok keeping track of things again now that I'm back to status quo living my usual daily grind. Face is still all chopped up, looks like I've got chickenpox. And to think none of these marks even started out with a real zit. That's the real kick in the ass. But it's a good thing I'm reduced to house arrest while this heals because I've got so many overdue essays to write :S Sad to have to decline the chance to hang out with some quality guy friends that I haven't seen in a while, but I'm just