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  1. Hello I wanted to post my experience with red marks, so it could maybe help others I have had acne in my 20s, I am now 39 and have gone under multiple surgery for scars, and 4 rounds if accutane. I am now blemish free, but have recently found out that those stubborn red marks that did not go away with surgery were in fact not scars or red marks, but very stubborn active blemishes / scars that have lingered for years. Thing is, I cannot find any info on these "active" marks, so I am wondering
  2. Hello I have used House of Deming's R-ALA gel for several years, and their 5.5 cleanser for about a year. They are pretty good products, but I personnaly find them pretty rude and unprofessional. I live in France and shipments take forever to come if they come at all (wich is a problem I do not have with other US-based companies). Basically their answer last time was "we don't need your business" so, I am looking for toher reliable companies who sell similar items. Anyone got an idea ? sorry
  3. Hello I'ts all in the title... it is very strange that in north america subcision is considered a common practice for rolling scars, but over here in Paris it seems NOBODY does it So, does anybody know of someone who does it in Paris, France, or a near country ? Contact info would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. Hello I would like to share this tip for those of you who have deep rolling scars like mine. First of all a little history of my scars surgery : I've had subcision 8 years ago, then punch elevation and laser resurfacing about 2 years ago. Subcision did help a bit with the rolling scars, but it went down after a 3-4 years. Punch elevation did the trick with the icepick scars, and laser helped a little bit with overall skin tightness and small marks. But I'm still plagued with deep rolling scar
  5. Hey I'm looking for an internet site that sells emu oil and ships to france for cheap... I bought my last bottle from a site that ships to anywhere and permits to buy in whatever currency... but I can't find it anymore and it has mysteriously disappeared from google. Thanks
  6. Hello Ok so I have what I have learned is an ingrown hair on my jawline. It gets quite painful and annoying. It is quite red and I can feel a 1/4 inch bump inside the skin. I've had one of those a few years ago, in fact it had been there for a few years before a girlfriend told me what it was and took it out with a needle... Incredible that none of the derms I saw for all those years did anything about it. Just wanted to do this myself now but I'm not too sure what to do. I can't see any hair
  7. For me after 2 months it was down to barley noticeable pink lines. You can try to conceal it with the menaji anti-shine powder, works great.
  8. ok so I found the ingredients : Ingredients: Calendula officinalis, Camphor, Lanolin, Olive oil, Peanut oil, Prunella vulgaris, Symphytum officinale and Tamanu oil. So just what I thought : the thing has cheap fillers. Olive oil is not so bad but won't do anything - good or bad - to the skin, but peanut oil does not sound good. I guess the best thing would be to make our own mix of all those essential oils, in a base of emu or jojoba. Or get pure Tamanu oil. Maybe peanut oil is not so bad,
  9. Well why doen't those products interest anyone ?? I looked into it a bit and helychrisum oil can aggravate esixting acne, so I would'nt go for "scars no more". But "scars so soft" seems like good stuff... I googled on the ingredients and they are all good. My only concern is about other ingredients and concentration of the good ingredients. Anyway tamanu oil seems good... Plus I think essential oils may be the thing for me. After My Co2 I've had annoying small pimples and whiteheads that a c
  10. I've had punch elevations about 8 months ago and the results are great. That was followed by Co2 wich erased the ounche's scars, wich would still be visible I think. But it clearly was the thing to do to plump the holes. The difference with grafts is that the surgeon cuts the skin, elevates it with threads underneath wich you keep for a week. The whole thing was paid by the national french insurance (I had it done in a red cross hospital) so I don't know about the prices.
  11. Could't it be from the anti-cold medication ? Such as anti-inflammatory (advil, etc) and pseudo-ephedrin ? Or antisthaminics wich will reduce skin's allergic reaction to the acne bacteria ?
  12. Ok so I never thought about this subject but this seeded a shadow of a doubt in my mind... I am an occasional smoker i.e. I can smoke a joint everyday for a month and then not smoke for 6 months, or even years. I just got back to smoking a litlle a few days ago, 4 months after a C02 procedure. I'm not kidding, the day after my first joint my skin looked like crap. I smoked yesterday too and now I'm pretty sure the joint was it. It's pretty impressive how fast the degradation was... So I'm stopp
  13. yeah same here. I have been looking for years for a proper shaving method. Finally I found this : sensor excel, avene sensitive skin foam (wich is by far the best I have used) and serozinc for a aftershave ( a zinc sulfate lotion). These products are french.
  14. Well that's strange. Antiseptic / antifungal lotions that are used against acne, such as Betadine, contain 10 % iodine.