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  1. if you was the one on your avatar i will rape you haha anyways i dont get offended is ppl call me gay because thats what iam but im not the kind of gay who wanna dance madonna and cher , dont even think about it im a hardcore makeup motherfucker tell your neighbor to be her/him self thats they key. we should hang out sometime botox. it wont be professional if i show others pictures whitout permission , plus because this is all about me , i show my self whit diff
  2. dermablend all the ways or you can try beccas one to make your eyes bigger you should use white eyeliner inside the eye , there is a lot of them , fragance free and stuff , the mascara is the key of makeup , but dont apply too much if you want a natural look Isn' that all part of why that look appeals to some -- there's definitely something kind of macabre to it, which to me is scary, to you is 'different and eye-catching', beautiful to some and ugly to others . . . IMO an impo
  3. once again , dont beleve anything you read , nothing in makeup is mineral
  4. good news for you (and everyone whit thinks like this) nothing and i when i say nothing i say NOTHING on makeup is mineral. they are just refined and have another process , whit no fragance , thats it the rest is the same , thats why u ocasionally find breakouts.
  5. whatever. of course i dare ive confidence whit myself and you all should start to think about this you are not a pimple , you are awesome learn it , love it , live it
  6. depends on the type of skin , sometimes ppl just need to wear more makeup than others , and im not talking about acne or normal skin problems , im talking about confidence personally im just wear makeup when i get paid for it but if you need some tips , please leave all your qs at my post located in makeup have fun and keep your head high
  7. So hello everyone who read this post as i said before on my older posts my name is Xerxes and most ppl call me the spermy mother of makeup im a professional makeup artist i work for sephora nyc. heres a couple pictures of myself i cut / die / kill my own hair plus i do my own makeup , thats answers you a question or two. enjoy! your questions my answers .... goes here , starts now
  8. dude, I can't see a thing on your face. your skin looks fucking perfect. it is almost but i still need to continue whit the treatment just to be sure it wont continues. thank you for such beautiful comment success you as well xoxo ok everybody i still get that ugly pimple on my face , is the only one regarding in my whole face hilarious! as i said before the treatment is going really well , also the blood test are fine anything is the normal way , so i happy for it next wensda
  9. acuttane will help you out , are u sure u want to stop whit the treatment ? remember , the first month on acu is the hardest because the initial breakout
  10. this is the great deal if you are patience , acuttane wont act fast as magic , but it works and it does really good , trust me about your personality as i can read , sometimes you fell week because your acne and once again , i really understand you and understand your feelling this time is time to think in yourself no matter what so your self-estim needs to grow up , because brain and skin are 100 % connected so you have to realize that and stay calm another friendly advise , dont pop t
  11. hello and sorry if i bother you but are u mixed Doxycyline whit acuttane ? if you do , leave on of them now u can messedup whit both medications , can make your face look worse and the side-effects are really hard to deal whit , its affect you straight on your brain , please tell your derm about this and sorry if i misanderstud what u saying SPF 30 Moisturizer OR Hawiian Tropics 30 spf Oil Free Faces are not enough protective if you are on acu u should get a real sunblock spf60 or more for
  12. ok im in the month 2 day number 6. my face is acne.free . cleared up and the red thing is getting flattered so im really exited actually im using a topic for it and its working great so i can say today im only have one visible acne my derma tells me , you wont have to cut it off because acu is working there right now and i think its true also the medication he give me for that pimple is acting great , im using on it twice/3 a day and in 3 days i can see it lot better. i think it might be there
  13. the first 4 months are the more hard to deal whit , but trust me you are on your way i really know u can fell frustrated sometimes , but please dont do not take higher levels of medication because could be a cause for a strong breakout imagine whit 20mg u get this , whit 40mg day u will get twice the same because your body and system need to asimilate the drug , that was acu do at the start , take them all to the outiside to better start find my log if you want to , im on the 2nd time o
  14. OH MY GOD. the big red ones HURT SO MUCH!!! and they NEVER GO AWAY!!!! sorry. i had to say that. they do go away , trust me ive experienced almost all in terms of skin and they do run away , just dont skip the medication till your derma says so actually there is a lot of antibiotics u can use for the red ones , and its helps the procedure , anyways acuttane is for that kind of acne so , just let the medication do his work and be patience please do not pop them otherwis