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  1. Ha. Ha. Ha. Hey let's have a little trivia: What country causes the most polution? What country has 5% of the worlds population and uses 30% of the worlds resources? What country will be the most responsible for the polar icecaps melting and ending life as we know it? (providing it continues as it is) What country has the fattest population? What country is the worst influence on the world? Oh, and my favorite thing to compare to America: 80% are christian (or christian d
  2. well looks like everyone is or will be a manic depressive in the future. lol! When will we learn these test are absolute bollocks?
  3. Soul, are you adams dad? you look like an older him AND live in the same place.
  4. I thought london was the best city in the world then i started working there. Rome is the best place ive ever visited, expensive though, 4 Euros for a bottle of water.
  5. i do. my point is, there is no suprise, no mystery for someone from england to visit america... england is so americanised these days that its virtually the same place. its basically like spending £400 to go down the road.
  6. Spend your money to go somewhere better, there are thousands of real cultural shock locations you could visit. Hong Kong, Delhi, Johannesburg... but if you wanna walk around NYC and play spot the mcdonalds all day be my guest. The US is a shit hole and the people are annoying fat bastards. They all remind me of little cartoon characters by the way they speak.
  7. i ate a whole terry's chocolate orange this morning.