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  1. I did the whole Obagi regimen including the Blue Peel. I never had any problems with the products, probably since my face has had to put up with so much other [email protected] that I've put on it. But the peel was excrutiating! Just about any pain would have been worth it if it worked, but there was little, if any improvement. Plus for two weeks you look like a freak, your face itches like crazy, and you have to keep yourself from peeling away the loose stuff coming off your face (which for me was nearly im
  2. My scars always seem less noticable in the summer when I am tan. I do not get the same effect with self tanner, so I feel as though the sun does help (for me at least), even if only temporarily. Everyone is different as we all know by now and what works for some may not work for others. BTW, before preaching to me, I know the risks of too much sun exposure, but will likely continue my tanning ways.
  3. I use Dr. Bronner's products almost exclusively for body cleansing. The Tea Tree Oil Castile Cleansing Bar is what I use during every shower. I don't use it on my face because of all the other stuff I use on my face, but I have never found it to be harsh on my body. Though, I must admit, I have fairly tough skin. I believe it has helped with reducing my bacne.
  4. When I was younger, I would never dare leave the house without makeup, since I've gotten older and lazier, I just don't care as much. I put it on if I'm going out to dinner or somewhere nice, but if you see me in the grocery store or stopped by my house, you'd see a naked face. Plus, I have always been somewhat makeup challenged. I can never seem to find the right foundation for my coloring, or the foundation doesn't agree with my face. I always think I end up looking like a gal with acne and s
  5. A thin coat of Milk of Magnesia works for awhile, but nothing has ever worked as well for me as Clinique's t-zone anti shine control. I've also heard of using jojoba or ylang ylang oil. The thinking being is that our oiliness is overactive because our skin is so dry from all the drying acne products and it is producing the oil to compensate. There is a gal over at makeup alley that SWEARS by ylang ylang oil.
  6. I have no idea about straight calamine, but I use a soothing lotion from Bindi that consists of water, calamine, zinc oxide, camphor, witch hazel, neem extract, grapefruit, lavendar, rosemary. It is pinkish in color, but not as thick as straight calamine. I really like it, though since I use so many other products in my regimen, it's hard to say if this one has any real benefit.
  7. That's funny that I never thought to drink it to help acne. I actually apply a very light layer on my skin before I put on my makeup to help control oiliness. We probably all hold the cures in some mundane item in our pantries and just don't know it yet.
  8. I know that B12 isn't the cause of my acne for sure. I'm a vegetarian and am unable to obtain B12 from many natural sources, so I am likely deficient. Yet, still the acne.
  9. I have incorporated ACV into my regimen and have seen some good results. I make a toner of ACV, strong green tea, crushed aspirin, tea tree oil, lavendar oil, and ylang ylang oil. I make it very strong since my face is not sensitive at all, but if yours is, just dilute it with water. I also mix it with Aztec Healing Clay for an occasional mask.
  10. I just added MSM to my daily supplements. I'm taking 2000mg twice a day. Once with breakfast, and once with lunch. It's too soon to tell if it's making any difference.
  11. licorice has been used for many years for all kids of things, ikncluding liver cleansing. But just as a precaution take the following information into consideration: Don't use licorice if you take blood pressure drugs or any other substances that can alter your blood pressure; the licorice may neutralize the medication's ability to lower blood pressure. For example, licorice may interfere with the blood pressure-lowering actions of digitalis drugs (digitoxin and digoxin). Don't take licor
  12. For me: 1. tea tree oil for existing blemishes 2. jessfoliation for clogged pores and red marks 3. drink water, water, water, water, and more water
  13. Guess what, I am a webmaster and couldn't even begin to try to understand the molecular biology of what Dr. Lee describes. So one knowledge does not automatically equate to another. Dr. Lee, if you are still watching the board, perhaps we can work something out with my help on your website if you choose.