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  1. i took accutane for the second time on a lower dosage after around 6 months from the time i completed the first course of 10mg/day. during the second course, i took 10mg/day for the first month, and then i lowered the dosage to 10mg every other day. it took a week or two to see significant improvements, and also about 4-5 months before i became almost completely clear of small zits. it's been 6 months now since my 2nd course ended and my skin is generally okay. i'd say it's actually better than
  2. cheer up! :) i'd rather live a day of searching than live a hundred years of inner passivity (and i mean that).

    about the pics, you can create an album at the Member's Gallery, and upload the pics from your computer (you can set the album to private too). let me know if you need any more help. :)

  3. haha! i actually managed to graduate last may. ;) we don't go out that much anymore 'cause everyone's busy preparing for the license exam. so, how's jaxin? :)

  4. i still get joint pain occasionally in the morning when i wake up, even months after finishing the course. i'm not sure what the triggers are but i've noticed that i usually get it when i wake up in a cold morning, when i wake up with a strong urge to void (sometimes due to not responding to urinary urgency for a long time before going to bed), and i ate a lot of protein the day before. i try to prevent it by taking 1-2 pills of MSM with glucosamine on a day (i don't regularly take it though s
  5. june 6, 2008, 5 months and a week post tane 2 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1212646837/gallery_35123_6303_107132.jpg the quality isn't that good cause this is taken with my camera phone. my skin is generally okay but it doesn't look good at very close range due to the enlarged pores almost everywhere and minor scarring & hyperpigmentation. i regularly do my own extractions on my nose & right cheeks. here i just washed my face with nutribiotic cleanser for sensitive skin, d
  6. yeah, me too. i'd always choose having dry skin over oily skin.
  7. which shampoo is that? but anyway, thanks. i am aware that i'm using at least one shampoo with SLS (head & shoulders). using T/Sal with salicylic acid 3% for 2 days helps dry out those forehead bumps though. only thing is, i can't use T/Sal everyday 'cause it's very drying.
  8. yes, indeed. that is why education for prevention is very crucial to the young ones. i wish i knew about all these health matters when i was a small kid. so anyway, what happened to your signature? P.S. i woke up with soft and nice skin this morning.
  9. thanks romeo. by the way, i appreciate your signature. i never thought that the connection between androgen and omega 3 fatty acids is that strong.
  10. may 18, 2008, 5 months post tane 2: oily skin my nose, forehead and frontal cheeks are getting oily more often these days. i can see that these areas are also filled with whiteheads and blackheads. my forehead has improved but only minimally. the temperature over here has been high lately and that could be one big factor. i feel tempted to take another course of accutane.
  11. DRY SKIN after shower i was surprised to see my entire face flaky. my whole cheeks were noticeably flaky and i don't know why. it feels weird to think that the shampoo (T/Sal) has anything to do with it. could it be due to my cleanser? or the jojoba oil?
  12. WHITEHEADS ON FOREHEAD it feels like the whiteheads on my forehead are increasing. i don't know why. it's definitely not because of the jojoba oil cause i never used it on my forehead. it could be my bangs, long-term use of H&S classic clean with conditioner, or some internal problem. also, i've been treating my back papules and whiteheads with dan's bp for maybe about 2 weeks now but today i noticed its condition has worsened (increase in bumps + it itches).
  13. WITCH HAZEL TONER i've been using it after each time i extract whiteheads/blackheads on my nose (which i do after washing) for 2 days now. my nose pores seem smaller/"calmer" now. DAN KERN'S JOJOBA OIL BOTTLE i've noticed that the oil leaks from the other end of the small tube through which the oil is dispensed. that's not a good thing cause it can harbor a lot of microorganisms.
  14. this is the last derm i saw in the phils, the only one who prescribed accutane to me: http://www.rxpinoy.com/doctor.php?submit=t...;docid=BA001DER
  15. may 4, 2008, about 5 months post-tane 2 i woke up today with 2 papules on my right cheek, 1 papule & 1 pustule on my left cheek. last products i used yesterday were the chiara serum, jojoba oil, vmv armada 60, physician's formula concealer. this afternoon after washing, my face was sooo dry and flaky, particularly the cheeks. i applied chiara serum, and jojoba oil. about 5 hours later, i noticed that my face looked oily and the pores on my cheek looked more enlarged. tonight after washin
  16. DAN KERN'S JOJOBA OIL so i have just received my sample of Dan Kern's trial product. I am temporarily replacing my moisturizer, which is also from Dan's existing products, with the 100% Organic Jojoba Oil. My topical regimen now consists of: -nutribiotic for sensitive skin (oily areas) -bellapelle chiara serum 3% salicylic acid (on affected areas/whiteheads, 2x/day) -vmv hypoallergenic armada sunscreen spf 30-60 (day) -dan kern's jojoba oil -physician's formula concealer (on nasolabial areas,
  17. Anu po ung TCA cross? san po ako pupunta para mag paganun? I know Belo Medical offers TCA treatment.
  18. cheilitis is the top common side effect of accutane treatment. see my post here: accutane side effects from drug handbook 2008 i had it bad during the first weeks of my second accutane course. what worked for me was the medicated blistex with analgesic.
  19. PLANNING FOR EXTRACTIONS so i just wanna say that i'm planning to get extractions again as soon as next week at BellaPelle skin studio. i'm just waiting for my schedule. i'm glad they're willing to do extractions without the added mask, moisturizer, exfoliation, etc. i told them my skin is very sensitive and does not react very well to most topical products. i really need it cause my forehead and cheeks are becoming more clogged as evidenced by the stubborn whiteheads, and also the blackheads o
  20. saw your pics and you don't look like you have pock marks at all. ayun kse ang problem ko and it makes me real depressed ba. i think your skin looks nice and you don't have any major probs. my scars are more like scarred/enlarged pores, tapos mas halata yung raised and indented scars sa nose. concealer helps to cover it by removing the shine making a matte finish pero pag close-up hindi pa rin ganon ka-smooth yun texture, more like holes with fillers na hindi pa rin perfect yung touch
  21. april 11 2008, about 4 months post-tane 2 current topical regimen: -cetaphil cleanser (dry areas) -nutribiotic for sensitive skin (oily areas) -bellapelle chiara serum 3% salicylic acid (on affected areas/whiteheads, 2x/day) -vmv hypoallergenic armada sunscreen 30-60 (day) -concealer shampoos (used alternately): -head & shoulders classic clean -neutrogena t/sal with 3% salicylic acid -nizoral ketoconazole supplements: -vitamin C 500mg (daily) -vitamin B complex (every other day) -soy lec
  22. that's nice to hear :) ...ive been quite disorganized lately, been attending meditation classes in berkeley but it's become more of a challenge than simply a way to relax.