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  1. hi, well some people think it's folliculitis, others think it's KP. I'm not really sure. They may be scars too.
  2. i just visited the original green smoothie thread and found your new additions on the first post. i will get back on the green wagon. thank you for coming when i need encouragement with my skin care the most. :)

  3. hello fairy! i'm doing just fine, although i haven't been making healthy smoothies lately. how are you? :)

  4. hi, could you describe your scarring and your acne prior to the treatment?
  5. bump hi jmac, how is your skin now? did you have your next treatment already?
  6. august 18, 2010: Update on Epicuren Facial Result so after a week, my nose started to peel mildly, then after another week, the appearance of my pores on my nose are now almost back to their old appearance/size.
  7. august 9, 2010 Acqua Di Roma's Epicuren Facial i had the epicuren facial 08/04/2010 at acqua di roma spa in sf for $110. it was my first time to try it because it was on a discount promo. the facial included the following: cleansing, masque that stings, enzyme serum, steam, extractions, epicuren placenta serum, massage. ok the reason why i'm writing this review is because it's already been 5 days and i'm still amazed by the results which i never had in any of my previous facials there. the fac
  8. if you need any assistance with researching on treatments let me know. :)

  9. hey necro. i just read about you most recent health update. i myself went through a battle with the big c a year ago. i hope you stay strong and get well soon.

  10. june 10, 2010: finally an update sorry for not updating this blog as i promised the last time. so i did the closed system colonic four times, the first three over 3 consecutive weeks, then the last one 3 weeks after the 3rd. i did the first three in december 2009, the last one in january 2010. after each session i did get a glowing and blushing effect on my cheeks that lasted probably til the end of the day. but i did not notice any significant improvement in the persistence of my mild acne.
  11. this is what i like about the org. we get reminded to take good care of ourselves. :)

  12. hey abg fairy! how are you? it's so nice to hear from you. but i will admit with embarrassment that i haven't been making green smoothies for many months now ever since i started working 2 jobs. but the good news is last week was my last at my part-time job so now i have more time to improve my lifestyle.

  13. i just scheduled an appointment for a colonic and body wrap... at the abundant health dtox spa in sf. lately i've been considering visiting a skin care clinic that offers facial services with extractions because i've been feeling so unhappy about my skin. i'm still struggling with tiny flesh-colored to reddish bumps, blackheads, enlarged pores and oily skin (especially on the forehead and nose). i also look so stressed out. the clay masks are too drying so then my cheeks get flaky after washi
  14. hey joey. how are you? im holding up just fine. im now working 2 jobs. i'll actually be leaving the house in a few mins. i feel terrible failing my driving test this afternoon in daly city. :( talk to you later

  15. same here. craziness everywhere. my main cause of stress is my schedule. it's been a mess since june when i started working. and now that i have 2 jobs, things have gotten more complicated since i started as an on-call with both. i work different shifts (day/eve/night) and at least once a week i'd work 16 hours straight in a day. it's tough coz my sleep schedule is totally abnormal. most weeks i don't get a day off. anyways my surgery went well. by the way, this surgery is not related to acne
  16. hey aejira, thanks for dropping by! it's good to hear your acne has gotten milder. i'm suspecting that milk has been one of the worst causes of my almost-lifelong acne. my regimen isn't really that strict. actually, it changes when i don't officially plan on keeping the regimen, sometimes everyday. these past few weeks i've been on: - kiss my face pure olive soap - acne.org bp and/or - acne.org salicylic acid - coastal classic creations concealer yup i finally stopped using my favori
  17. answerme

    accutane: second course

    10mg every other day
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    reports & letters

    test reports
  19. From the album: reports & letters


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    IgG test letter

    From the album: reports & letters

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  21. Food-Specific IgG Antibody Assessment Summary date collected: 01/10/2009
  22. i'm doing just fine. the whiteheads (or tiny bumps) are not so bad and not so noticeable but i have to stay on the regimen everyday. yup i've been here for more than 2 years now. :) i'll be posting my IgG test results soon.
  23. hey im doing fine. the pain has gotten less intense over the week. i still have a few treatments to undergo but nothing urgent or life-threatening.

  24. tomorrow's a big day. it's the day of my surgery. wish me luck! :) how about you?