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  1. answerme

    mission: restore healthy & vibrant skin (w/ PICS)

    hi, well some people think it's folliculitis, others think it's KP. I'm not really sure. They may be scars too.
  2. Aw, I'm happy I could be of some encouragement! :) Yes, it was fun updating the first post a little, and I love having your pictures up as the intro to the recipes! Glad you're hoping back on board! :)

    1. i just visited the original green smoothie thread and found your new additions on the first post. i will get back on the green wagon. thank you for coming when i need encouragement with my skin care the most. :)

      1. Glad to hear you're doing well! Things are good here, thanks! I've been making lots of veggie soups with blended greens - addicted to them! hehe Hope you can get back on the green wagon soon! I've added new recipes to the smoothie thread if you want to check them out! :)

        1. hello fairy! i'm doing just fine, although i haven't been making healthy smoothies lately. how are you? :)

          1. Hello AnswerMe! Was just thinking of you and wanted to say hello! Hope you're doing well! :)

            1. answerme

              Isolaz - Pores

              hi, could you describe your scarring and your acne prior to the treatment?
            2. answerme

              Isolaz - Pores

              bump hi jmac, how is your skin now? did you have your next treatment already?
            3. Hit me with your live status on the real!

              1. answerme

                mission: restore healthy & vibrant skin (w/ PICS)

                august 18, 2010: Update on Epicuren Facial Result so after a week, my nose started to peel mildly, then after another week, the appearance of my pores on my nose are now almost back to their old appearance/size.
              2. answerme

                mission: restore healthy & vibrant skin (w/ PICS)

                august 9, 2010 Acqua Di Roma's Epicuren Facial i had the epicuren facial 08/04/2010 at acqua di roma spa in sf for $110. it was my first time to try it because it was on a discount promo. the facial included the following: cleansing, masque that stings, enzyme serum, steam, extractions, epicuren placenta serum, massage. ok the reason why i'm writing this review is because it's already been 5 days and i'm still amazed by the results which i never had in any of my previous facials there. the fac
              3. if you need any assistance with researching on treatments let me know. :)

                1. Thanks for support. 2010 has sucked for me that is for sure haha.

                  1. hey necro. i just read about you most recent health update. i myself went through a battle with the big c a year ago. i hope you stay strong and get well soon.