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  1. Holy crap... This forum can't have been around for much longer than the last time you visited!

  2. LOL you are so pretentious!

  3. Hey we might take your regimen more seriously if you had proof... uplead some pics dude!

  4. botchla i love you. my face looks flawless!! how did you discover this holy grail of the acne world? oh wait. i'm botchla. seriously though my face looks fantastic. (well at least my complexion does haha).. still working good after like nearly half a year. btw, i had a little stint with the shea butter i used. gave me clogged pores (which didn't turn into acne, but were just like little hardly noticable bumps under the skin).. so i stopped using it and they faded. strangely enough,
  5. shea butter finally turned my face bad.. it took ages but it finally did it.. after about probably a month it started getting bad, then i stopped. it took a while for the damage to be done, now i have all these clogged pores a kind i have never had before using the shea butter. they're bumps but they have nothing in them at all. just kinda like swollen skin or something. i will also note that my skin had absolutely no problems before using the shea butter and as soon as i started using it, in
  6. the feeling and redness will go away as you use it more. it used to do the same thing to me now it doesn't even tingle.
  7. lots of people say they do, but i am not really so sure. both of my parents said they never had any acne at all, and my brother who is 17 doesn't have it either.. so i guess i just got lucky, oh joy. and no, i'm not adopted.
  8. Just wanted to take this poll to see what the results people are having since it has been quite a while since I originally posted..
  9. really njacobs? that's so strange. so many people get nauseated from zinc. ok the truth is the BEST time to take it is at night before bed on an empty stomach. that is, if you can handle it. luckily it doesn't make me nausated at all, so when i take it i just take it right before i get in bed. the reason why this is best is because certain vitamins and minerals compete for absorption with zinc. some of those are calcium and copper. if you eat a meal with say, a lot of calcium, chances a
  10. k cool i'll try the towel thing.. there's no way in hell i could ever put this stuff on in the morning before i go out. it just leaves way too much of a greasy/shiny film on the face. i haven't noticed any grittiness in my batch, but then again i'm only at the top of the bottle thingie still. you must've gotten a bum batch or something. they're all pouring sand and germs in yours hehe.. yeah maybe it was caused by discontinuing the renewal. personally i can't stand renewal cause every tim