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  1. I'm almost clear! Ok that sounds weird saying after 4 years of hateing my skin. Anyway I'm still here and I'm still on Roaccutane and have minor scarring but even if I didnt i'd hang around See like my post below, had nothing to do with acne but I still got great advice from the people here, I dont see this place as a bunch of people with acne, infact I forgot most of the time lol so I'm not leaving cause I got clear skin, I dont see what difference that makes talking to everyone here.
  2. Both Proactive and P.Diddy are really stupid. I'm glad Proactive are getting sued, it just proves it doesnt work well enough, especially the way the stars make it out to be from the informercials which makes them even more stupid then the products and proves how fake everything is.. I dont like P.diddys attitude, his so stuck up and acts like his to good for anything. It doesnt work for millions of people, and Im sure that includes some of the un-famous customers featured on the adds so why ca
  3. OMG I am shocked at the things Acne is stopping you from. I'll admit it fucking sucks to have horrible skin and I knew the feeling, but you shouldnt let it controll your life that much. Not going out or swimming or going to school/college which is about your future not the state of your skin is going way over board. Think about it, would having clear skin (which btw isnt that much different at all) really going to get you going everyday to these things? I mean sure it boost's your confidence bu
  4. Oh yeah I got it all the time from this one guy who had acne wrose then anyone in the school. When he couldnt find anything to say he'd start with acne and I'll be like dude, you had the worst acne not to mention your still ugly and Im not lol. And now that's its clearing I wonder what people can bag me about now? Some people call me gay also cause they cant bag me about anything with personal looks but I really dont care these are rare occasion's. I dont fight anymore.
  5. lol this is the third time I got tricked today! For a second I was like wtf Im outraged, paying money just to post who the fuck would do that, then I read the second post which spoiled it
  6. Im broke, so is my dad, i think hes more broke than me, and i dont even work i suck. You dont suck lol, especially because of that. If you can't afford a Holiday why dont you try catching as much sun as you can and using sea water or salt water to wash your face everyday?
  7. Well I'm just waiting for the return of the acne. I like the beach n stuff but it burns when I wash my face with salt water.
  8. OMG now Im so hungry now! Ive gotta eat it! MUST EAT JUNK FOOD>> MCDONALS>>KFC>>>HUNGRY JACKS>>PIZZA HUT>>>YUMMYYYY!
  9. Thank you very much and hey thats great! It could be a combination of the sun and roacctuane, whatever it was everything so good luck. I really think you will come back looking great from spain posh!
  10. LOL 10 points to who she's referring to! Arnt you just giving them more attention by making this post? Just ignore them yourself there's no need in trying to convince other's to do it. Mz SKYZIES
  11. Somewhere sunny and with a beach! Since I went away for two weeks my skin really cleared up! I'm on ROacctuane and I hardly had to use suncream, my skin didnt burn just tanned and each day it got more clear! I think if I never went my skin would be very bad still so getting exposure to sun is actually good for your skin not bad like so many skin care products/people say! The best thing about it was going to school for once in my life I didnt have to worry. 3 people said "wow your skin has reall
  12. I got two new Pimples and I went shopping for clothes because Im going on a holiday for two weeks!
  13. Ok I understand that they should look deeper then appearance but if your not attracted to someone physically that would be a pretty bad relationship.