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  1. Hey anyone know what is a good sunblock for us people with acne on our faces kthxbi
  2. What is the best website to buy from like quality and price and must ship overseas for a glycolic peel or something similar thnaks
  3. Ok, but dont you reckon all this stuff on my face will be irritating?
  4. I am going to be going on a trip to Fiji and I dont know what to do I have acne I use BP and that, but you can't go in sun with BP I hear it will fuck up my face big time what can I do if I will be in sun everyday for a week and being swimming all the time, any suggestions or tips appreciated, thank you
  5. i hav been using bp for about 5 months and i have tried AHA but that jus made my face go all red
  6. Hey i am thinking about stopping the regimen it does stop pimples i know but the red marks are just as bad and are left there for sooo long, also after apllying all morning my face would be quite red even its gay any help
  7. Hey so do u think i can do it like all evening i dont have enough time in the morning so like in evening go: cleanse - baking soda - vinegar - protein mask - BP ?
  8. TENoSIX acne blemish cream, moisturizer is clean and clear moisturizer, and cleanser is clearasil daily face wash
  9. what should i use i have mostly just heaps of red spots from old acne. at the moment i been using bp but its a bit high at 4% and sum acne blemish gel it has lactic acid in it
  10. my acne wasnt bad at all until a few months ago when I caught the flew lasting 10 days in that time i was just trying to get rid of it by drinking water and resting, so i didnt drink alcohol the whole time and by the time the flu went away was after one day i got sick went out and got drunk and stoned. after having the flu i seemed to hav a much worse case of acne and hasnt gone away since been trying the BP hopefully will work, maybe if your body is used to drinkin alcohol and you stop it cause
  11. maybe dans regimen then after 2 weeks use some alpha hydroxy acids to help redness
  12. i used it before only for 2 weeks but the whole time it didn't really do anything at all
  13. thank canadianchron it really helped, and i think ill stick with the 4% ive been using it for more than a month never dryness like this though must of being because of the sun and lactic acid maybe