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  1. i used to use women's one-a-day...im not sure if it contains any iodine or kelp, but it did seem like my face broke out a lot more when i was one them
  2. poorlagged, congrats...i have to say i'm pretty jealous of your even, clear skin tone...but even more jealous of your eye color
  3. LOL...it should be called Mancake...so men can pancake their faces too...in a natural-looking way of course I don't know what i'd do without my foundation
  4. LOL thank you for making me smile during a rainy, work-filled day
  5. yeah, thats probably the main reason why i HATE going to makeup counters...i am worried about someone seeing all my imperfections. i also worry that the makeup reps will try and put something super-oily on my skin, which will break me out. i'm forced to pick out my own foundation colors, it sucks sometimes b/c i want someone's second opinion. try not to think about how your face looks while shes applying...if you look great in the end, and feel great about how you look, then its all worth it
  6. Aww don't worry! I got mine last year, and it wasnt TOO bad...the thing i didnt like was that they made me push back my hair..."Show your ears please"... ...my face had a little bit of a red tint since I'm on retin-a, but you couldnt really see any blemishes. I wish I wouldve blotted before the pic, though. Wear a shirt in a color that looks good on you
  7. i dont know much about birth control, as ive never been on it (blood clots prevent it), but ive seen some people on the board who take something called Diane or Dianette with accutane i think. It seems like youve tried a ton of things out there, and nothing is working. I would give another form of BC a try, along with the accutane. i hope everything works out for you!!!
  8. ^^ mandy you scared me...i thought you meant you were gonna cancel your account here! dont do that to me seriously...GO and have a great time. Come back and tell us some good stories!
  9. It seems like dry skin can cause you to break out too...but I think its because your skin starts producing more oil in response to your dry skin...it's trying to make up for the lack thereof, i guess. It kinda sucks for us people w/ combination skin
  10. LabGirl, Is this why i've noticed a slight breakout after i stopped using Doxycycline? I took 2 pills a day for about a week, and noticed that since i've stopped, i've had a few pimples here and there. I've been wondering why :think:
  11. LOL @ the "just a lil jiggly " i guess im another butt girl...its definitely not that most important thing i look for, by any means. but if a guy has a cute, fit one that looks great in pants...he's definately got my attention haha. sometimes i like to put my had in their back pocket and just feel it a little
  12. yeah i dont think you should make fun of him either...even though you may want to, which is totally understandable. i think him getting acne makes him feel bad enough...hopefully it makes him think about all the people he ever made fun of with it, and wont do it again to someone else
  13. i've done the long distance thing a little, and know a few others who have done the same thing...it CAN work! I know how heart breaking it can be...i always try to think of it this way: you two are deeply in love and have an advatange right there...you CAN do it. you can keep in touch online, thru phone, visits, web cam, mail, anything. if it's meant to be, it will happen. and you both will come out stronger than before, having gotten thru that tough time i think taking accutane while he is go
  14. hmmm...maybe if he was joking about it, your face really doesnt look all that bad. think about it...if he thought you had a severe acne problem and might be sensitive about he, he may have not even made that joke anyways! altho it made you think about your face (i woulda been the same way), it actually may have been a good thing. just a thought...
  15. The fact that you are refusing to settle is AMAZING...i think youre a few years younger than me...but do you know how many people i know have just settled with someone, just b/c they wants SOMEONE there...even though they know that person isnt the best/right for them?? its frustrating for me to see! not only because they are my friends, but b/c ive been there ...that is such a huge step in the positive direction, it makes me smile You are NOT aiming too high...you deserve only the best. youve