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  1. I'm doing pretty good as well, thanks. Good to hear you are too =)

  2. Yeah, I'm worried about school too. It's mighty stressful at times =P

  3. Ugh, I couldn't stand what you do! Haha! Well mine is up and down right now. It's sort of bad right now though :( Hows yours doing?

  4. I'm doing English major, creative writing minor. Lots of essays, and papers. What about you?

  5. I'm in my first year of college, and it's pretty stressful. Oh second year, yay!

  6. I'm doing school and work both. yay. What about you? I see that your one year older than me.

  7. Well I just thought I would say hello....and the rest is history =P plus, it's nice meeting new people

  8. I'm doing good. How're you?

  9. I can definitely sympathize with you. Making eye-contact and appearing happy/friendly is incredibly hard to fake when acne is getting you down. Sorry I don't really have any suggestions, the only thing which helps with me is when my face is clearer, but if it were that easy none of us would be here Just thought i'd let you know you're not the only one! Btw, is that an Earthbound avatar I see?
  10. Good luck on your derm appointment - I hope the derm gives you accutane and it works real well for you.

  11. Aha yeah I was considering this, but would the derm not have all my medical records on the computer to see what meds i've tried before? Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, hope is so important! Just gotta sit back and wait for it to do it's thing now I guess Thanks for all the advice. I'll wait to see what the private hospital says when they email me back regarding referrals and then ask about the other stuff when I get an appointment. How is your skin doing since you went on it?
  12. Thanks for your replies. I've emailed a private hospital which has a couple of dermatologists so I'll wait and see what they say price-wise. I'm no way gonna wait 8 weeks for a referral. Hopefully if I explain to him/her how long this has been going on for and how many different things i've tried they'll have a bit of sympathy. Are you glad you made the decision to go on it?
  13. Hi, so after 7 years of trying (and failing) to get rid of my acne with over-the-counter products, I've had enough. I'm gonna try to get on accutane and fix this once and for all. I've never seen a derm before, does anyone know if it's possible to pay to see one privately, or do I have to go to my GP first and wait for a referral? Also, since i've never seen one before are they likely to want me to try antibiotics and creams and stuff before they are prepared to give me accutane? My acne would