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  1. Ok, so I've been using Sudocrem for the last week or so. I am a avid user of Dan's BP as it is the best thing I've ever used against acne. The last week or so I've run out of BP and have just been using the sudocrem to help with red marks from an outbreak I had last time I ran out of BP. Normally my acne would be coming back pretty quickly, but my skin has been looking awesome ever seen I've started using sudocrem. My red marks have improved incredibly and no new zits have come either. I'm not s
  2. Nothing special, I have always just used any simple non ebrasive cleanser with BP and a moisturizer. For a few months i used Alpha Hydroxy lotion in the morning and BP in the night since BP once a day is sufficient for me. The AHA lotion was really good for getting rid of hyper pigmentation and scars I was left with after the acne started clearing. But I decided to stop with the AHA for a while whilst it was summer time.
  3. It's been a year now since I nervously started Dan's regimen. I had been a long time user of this site but had never taken the step to try out the regimen cause' I was so scared of all the side effects I heard people mention. But in the end I was so desperate I just had to try it. Within two months I had gone from about 4-6 new spots a week to maybe two-three a month, until I eventually was completely acne free. The redness and drying lasted for maybe two weeks which is a very small price to pa
  4. I'm pretty sure this product was discussed a while back...I remember people calling it an absoulte fraud...but I may be wrong
  5. hahahaaha I wasn't thinking outy belly button when I saw that pic....then again I have a dirty mind
  6. Janiet: I ordered my AHA enhanced Lotion from drugstore.com, I don't know if there are any similar products one can find in the UK. I'll try and get some pics up..I don't have a camera to take any prope pictures with, but i do have a recent Black and white pass photo I could put up....but I do't know how to do it...anyone help with that? Skin is still ust getting bette and better, most of the scar I have are completely gone, jus a bit rough in areas and my red marks are soon none existent
  7. It's glycolic acid. I use it before applying the BP gel. Great for speeding up the healing of red marks and shallow scars. I would've posted before and after pics, but I don't have any.
  8. I stopped posting on my log some time ago because I don't have internet access were I currently live and because I just haven't been bothered since I am now acne free. I just thought I would make a post about it the amazing success I have had with Dan's regimen, I can't believe I was so scared to try it before. I have been on the regimen about 3-4 months now and I'm done with acne, except the odd zit every month or so. Seven years of this crap and I'm finally got rid of it for good and without
  9. Jeez it's been a long time since I've been on this site and updated my regimen log. Haven't had internet access since I got back to England, but I'll try and give a short resume of what has happened. First of all the word to describe my regimen is SUCCESS!!!!!!!! I am pretty much clear, only the occasional zit pops up, but my red marks are still there, but are fading.....slowly. My current regimen is: -wash with Hibiscrub -apply alpha hydroxy oil free lotion -wait 10-15 min -apply oxy 2.5% BP
  10. Was away for the weekend so I didn't have the chance to update; Day 17; Got a break out on day 14, not that bad but relly enoying. I am now on the full dosage of BP, so hopefully this is when things show improvement. You can see on my areas of my skin which are now clear that I have been struggling the last couple of months with acne. Two month of acne and you're back to square one when it comes to uneven skin tone, red marks and shallow scars from recent acne. I just spent over half a year get
  11. Day 12; Things are really looking up today, no new break outs, and that sore pimple on my cheek is already going away. Thank god for that, looked like it was going to be an evil one. One problem though, after I wash and wait those 15 min before applying the BP, my skin is really really flaky around the area I had broken out, I'm moisturizing like crazy, but it just doesn't seem to help that much. After that is applied it's alright and you can't see any dryness. Hopefully this will go away in a
  12. At what stage are you using this in Dan's regimen? Between washing and BP I guess?
  13. Day 11; Wow this weeks is going really fast. Not much to report. I did however pop a zit today (uhhhh), it was this one by my nose that has been there for over a week and was really annoying me, it suddenly came to a head and I couldn't resist, it was very satisfying LOL The big sore cystic like thit isn't as sore today and looks like it's not going to get bigger, it even looks likemit may get a head. It will probably leave a nasty red mark though...aaargh. I hope that was the 2nd week break out