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  1. nahh i don't think it will work.. =/ oh btw, it's true how girls compete with other girls and 'check' other girls out like their lesbians or something.. jk. but i hate it when they do that, but i kinda do that too.. but i should stop coz karma is gettingback at me, so i sha'll kinda stop from now on sounds gooood?
  2. theres a reason to everything we suffer through? dammit, wtf is that reason then?????????????
  3. the meaning of life: *scratches shoulders* is..i don't know what the meaning of life is.. it used to be getting up at 6 am in the morning and getting ready for the guy that sits next to you in math class 1st period, then again, i just don't know anymore.
  4. if thinking to reverse this depression issue is so easy as it sounds, why are still people suffering from this? And depression isn't only a 'negative' loop, it's more like.. a self esteem problem, not exactly, but once you're down in the dumps, its kinda hard to get back up by just constantly telling your self you can.. you actually have to do it. What im trying to point across is, somethings are just out of hand.. besides acne, i think we can grasp the opportunities like sand.. be in other situ
  5. i think two washes at the same moment is not really necessary, try the acne wash in the morning and exfoilating at night
  6. hey yall, i know this isnt really a place to complain about fatigue but this is the only board i know and really like. Im 15 and my name is maddison, i get tired constantly and i dont know why, i just don't have any more energy or excitement in life, i don't enjoy the things i do anymore and i used to be a nice girl, hyped up kinda with lots of fun in her life.. and now i just don't know what the helll is happening to me. Im tired, im sad, moody, irritated, and all this crap. Ive been loosing my
  7. what is dilute? does that mean u don't add anywater.. just drink lemon and honey alone? won't that be kinda hardd..?? gaaahh
  8. hey i found a better way to use it.. first put like a lot on your face and rub gently all over for about 20 seconds.. rinse. do this again but a smaller amount.. rinse.. and 3rd time take a small amount.. almost a dime and apply it all over like a moisturizer, wipe off with a paper towle or clean cloth.. it will leave a thin film of cetaphil ont it and it'll work so much better!
  9. nahhh not really it looks the same... the only reason it may look worse than before is because of the steam, it opens up your pores and makes your pimples redder and stuff
  10. hey if you're skin isnt sensitive to any type of facial scrubbing i think this may be the safe way to exfoliate your scars away.. Mix cetaphil gentle cleanser with a tspoon baking powder/soda mix it well into a white thick paste.. rub gently at the scars only.. don't go crazy and clean your whole face with it.. it won't be as pretty later on.. rub the scars gently for about 30 seconds with luke-warm water.. repeat. again but rinse off with COOL water this time.. if you don't have cetaphil (whi
  11. if the excess streaks bother you that much.. it wont hurt to just dab the excess off..